Project Hardware: Danny Gonzales

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You seem like someone who looks at skating from a more creative standpoint rather than someone who just tries to keep up with the latest tricks and trends. Why is that, and what inspires you to push the limits?

I don’t keep up with trends because there’s always gonna’ be some one who can do it better than you. What inspires me is shock Value, to do stuff people don’t see everyday, to push the boundries if possible.

After an absence from the scene you have once again returned to blow minds with your creative approach to skateboarding. How did you spend you’re time off, and did you pick up any new interests?

I spent my time studying at a conservatory for acting, and I did a few jobs. Some intersets I picked up were photography. Art (drawing) golfing and chess.

How long were you able to film for the Project Video?

A couple of months, I think.

What are your thoughts now that it’s done?

I am proud to be a part of Project bolts and honored that they gave me the last part in the video.

How does it feel to be back?

It’s great skating with all my friends, and I’m skating with new people every day, shooting photos and filming…It’s goodtimes, complete good times.

What’s next for you in skateboarding?

I’d love to get a pro board again, have some obligations, ya’ know..

Got any stories from the making of this video?

I had a blast filming in Texas with all my friends, skate all day, party all night…Every day was like that.