Plan B and Del Collab-O

Plan B x Del Collab-O

Plan B is proud to announce the collaboration with Bay Area hip-hop legend, Del the Funky Homosapien of the Hieroglyphics crew.
In the early 90’s, Del and the Hiero crew had several songs in Plan B videos including skate hip-hop classics “Ahonetwo, Ahonetwo” and “Burnt”.
Over the last 18 years, Del has created a super diverse range of music including the albums Third Eye Vision, Both Sides of the Brain, Deltron 3030 and his recent collaboration with The Gorillaz.

“I think its dope to be working with Plan B who really solidified the bridge between hip hop and skateboarding.
Most of our fan base are skateboarders and I feel Plan B played a big roll in that”, said Del.

The collab includes three limited edition boards featuring the classic Hiero and Del logos. Available in three colors inspired by Bay Area team color schemes, the boards are available in late July at skate shops and come in 7.75” and 8.0”. Each color way is limited to 300 and comes packaged with Del’s brand new 13 track album entitled Funkman.

In addition, Plan B and Del teamed up with S.F. shop FTC and will be releasing a limited white / gold color way available exclusively at FTC in late July.

Kent Uyehara of FTC said, “Del drew the original cover art for FTC vid #1 Finally as well as blessed us with a couple tracks for it.
So, this project reunites family from the early 90’s. Plan B, FTC, & Del? All we need now is EMB!”

Check out Del’s Music at his MySpace.
Check out Plan B’s Summer Catalog at their website.