Product Review: Timber Sunglasses

Timber is an eyewear brand out of Dana Point, CA aimed at the skate and surf clientele. They specialize in making eco-conscious, fashion forward sunglasses. Their skate line is constructed from old skateboard plies and their surf line is made from organic bamboo and eco friendly wood as an homage to the original surfboards.

Timber sent us a few sets of shades to check out, mainly their DIY Skate and Easy Rider models. The DIY skate shades are cross-hatched plies of colorful maples plies and have a rounded design. They’re a big bright and might appeal to the more fashion forward minded crowd that seems to be rising within skateboarding, whereas the Easy Rider is a more classic sunglass design made from organic wood. What we noticed most when wearing these sunglasses is how much people react to them and want to know about them. Being made from wood, whether bright and flashy, or more traditional, people are curious about the wooden frames and the polarized lenses.

Timber’s skate line is sleek, smooth, stylish and comfortable, which is a challenge considering they are made from old skateboards. Timber’s a younger company, but they’re already doing things right with the product they’re making. If you’re in the market for a new set of sunglasses with summer at your doorstep, TImber would be a good brand to consider.

For more information on the brand, their products, and where to buy them check their website: