Question Authority: Brandon Biebel

Question Authority
Brandon Biebel

I’m a major fan of yours. I’ve been psyched on your skating since you were a little am on the come up riding for ATM back in the day. I really admire how you’ve carved out your own little spot in skateboarding, how you’re an individual and not just trend hopping with the rest of them. I am curious where your style came from. You have a pretty hip-hop influenced lifestyle from the Rocca Wear jeans and jerseys to the tech manny and flip trick skating you throw down and yet, a lot of the skaters I see you rolling with, Omar Salazar, Stefan Janoski and Kyle Leeper to name a few, have a very different style than you do. Where I’m from the hip-hop kids tend to roll with the hip-hop kids and the punkers roll with other punkers. I’m wondering how you found such a diverse group of friends and what were your influences growing up? Oh, and did you ever just fan-out on dudes like Carroll and Mariano? Thanks for taking the time to answer my letter.
Aaron Raysom
Dade County, Florida

Well basically I grew up skating with Stefan, Kyle and Omar. We’re all different in our own way but all those guys are close friends of mine. I get along with all sorts of people. The things that I’m into and the things those guys are into might be completely different but that’s what’s cool. Everyone is interesting in their own way and we have all been skating together for over 10 years. That’s what we do, so we’re not in little categories like punk rock or hip-hop; it’s all skateboarding. Those are my friends and we skate together, travel together and kick it together. It’s cool.
As for where my style came from, I don’t know. I just like what I like and do what I like to do. As far as my influences growing up, they were skaters like Mariano, Koston and Carroll. Michael Jordan was also a big one. About riding for Girl, it’s the best thing ever. Everybody is super cool. It’s always a good time being around those guys and skating with ’em. It’s a dream come true ’cause I always idolized those guys and now I’m up in the mix with ’em. Anyway, thanks a lot for hitting me up —Biebel