Question Authority: Duffy and Williams

Question Authority

Stevie Williams
You had a fantastic part in the DC movie. Me and all my friends think you’re one of the best technical skaters of all time. I noticed you didn’t do one handrail throughout your whole part. I respect that. It seems like there are way too many kids that respect pros only if they do handrails. I’m not one of them. I believe people should skate to have fun, not to be the best in the universe. I was wondering if you always skated like you do now. Have you ever thought of changing your style? At demos and just street skating, do you get the respect you deserve?
Doug Zeiser
Cincinnati, Ohio

Thanks for the compliment. We all worked hard on the movie and that really means a lot. I like the way you’re thinking. Skateboarding isn’t about being the best in the universe and doing the most and longest handrails; it’s about fun. And as long as you land the tricks you’re tryin’ and feel good about yourself, then learn another one. I’ve been skating for 16 years, and handrails weren’t as big back then as they are right now. When I was coming up, it was all technical, so of course that’s what I’ve grown into. But there is old footage out there of me doin’ kickflip noseslides and other stuff down handrails. I still skate the same way, nothing’s changed, but I’ve never thought about changing my style. I just think about landing the tricks, and that’s fun for me. With street skating and demos, I’ve gotten a lot of respect with DGK, but you’re only as good as the last trick you land. Remember that. —S. Willie

Pat Duffy
I just realized that if you were to go back and film every trick from your Questionable video part from 1992, it would still be a fully legit part today. Have you ever thought about doing that? Think it’s possible?
For a while we didn’t see much footage of you anywhere. What was going on during those times? I heard some rumors that you quit, or got really messed up, but I don’t believe it. Do you feel pressure to live up to those influential Plan B days? How do you feel about the return of Plan B?
Kevin Earle
Boston, Massachusetts

That’s really cool of you to say, man. Yeah, I gotta tell you there was a year or two where I just felt really burnt-out on skating. Not on the actual physical skating part (I freak if I don’t skate for a few days), but the whole stress of having to film and travel all the time can really wear you down. Now I just try to remind myself to have fun because ultimately you’re doing it for yourself. As far as filming my first part over again, I think what’s done is done, but thanks for saying that. And I hope the new Plan B does just as good as the original. —Pat