Question Authority: Ed Templeton

Question Authority

Ed Templeton
I live in Orange County and was wondering why you still choose to live in Huntington Beach. I see you as a very creative and artistic person and think you’d be in New York or Europe or even Los Angeles. Huntington Beach, I’m sorry to say, seems to be so void of culture. As an artist, what keeps you in HB? How do you keep inspired living there? What do you like to do there other than skate? If you could choose another place to live, where would it be? What is your advice for someone like me who has only been in the OC for a couple years now and is already going stir crazy and loosing creative drive?
Chelsea Graves
Irvine, California


The main reason I still live “Behind the Orange Curtain” is the endless cement. Have you seen this place from above? It’s human cancer from LA all the way to San Clemente! And that’s great for skating (although you do get kicked out of everywhere so quickly.) Plus, I grew up here and I’m used to the place. As an artist, I’ve learned to use the vacuum of culture to my advantage, and it’s a theme throughout my paintings and photos. I like to visit places like New York and get amped on all the energy, but I don’t want to become a carbon copy of what is going on in those places. And that happens a lot. I think you can stay original when there is nothing to look at but your own thoughts. Plus, LA is only a short drive away. I go up there for skating and culture all the time. My mom and grandparents are close, too. Every place on earth has its weirdness, be it rural Oklahoma, downtown Paris or Orange County, California. You need to tap into the weirdness of where you are. By staying here, I’m one percent of an effort to make this place less lame (or more lame, depending on how you see it.) There are great people doing awesome stuff here. But, to tell the truth, I’ll probably move somewhere else at some point. I don’t want to live in one place forever. —