Question Authority: Tommy Sandoval

Question Authority
Tommy Sandoval


I think you’re gnarly. I read about how you’re from Chula Vista. Man, I drove through there once on my way to TJ. That place is harsh. I mean it’s pretty craze up here in Long Beach too but seriously What did you have to skate growing up there? What’s the craziest thing you saw growing up in Chula? Did you ever get hassled for being a skater there? If so, what did you do about it? Can’t wait till you go pro, stoked to ride your board man.

Sam Engle

Long Beach

Hey Sam,

Yeah growing up in Chula it didn’t appear that we had much to skate but there was enough to get by on. We would search out spots you know? If you look, there’s enough to film and skate. You gotta look for it and make use of what you got. The craziest thing I ever saw in Chula was when me and my friends lit this fire in the sewers and crap when we were like 13. My friend made a Molotov cocktail and threw it into the sewer duct. It exploded and the next thing I knew the flame was like seven feet high. The fire marshal came and wanted to arrest us for arson but we got away. That was pretty crazy. As for skating, I got hassled a little, mostly cops and cholo gangsters that would talk shit. I’ve never really gotten into a fight about anything. Never had any major confrontations. I try to stay out of that stuff. Thanks for the support man, I hope I answered your questions. —Tommy