Question Authority: Corey Duffel

Hey Corey,
I was at the Maloof Cup this past weekend and I saw you killing it in the warm ups or whatever. That grind up the hubba was f**king crazy. I also saw that you got into a bit of a scuffle though with some filmer and I just wondered what was up with that. You seem like a pretty mellow dude, but then again I remember that clip of you spitting on that girl in the That’s Life intro, so… I don’t know, I just wondered what was the deal at the Maloof Cup and wondered what happened. Do these situations just seem to find you or what?
Paul Staudenmaeir
Lake Forest, CA

Yeah, Paul,
What’s shaking, dude? First off, I would like to say thanks. I had a lot of fun at the contest. The contest scene is really not my cup of tea, but it is always fun to see old friends and to watch some raw shredding go down. The best way to describe the incident you mention is like this:

So there I am. It is around 9 o’clock. I am watching the semifinals on the street course with some friends, having a good time. My friend, Walter, comes over to me and asks me if I wouldn’t mind signing some stuff for some kids below the street course. I say, “No problem,” so I walk over to the edge of the course, which is about 4 and a half feet above the ground. While I am in the middle of signing something for the kids, I get pulled off the stage head first and flip onto my back. I’m clueless as to what just happened. Then I see who it is and wonder what is going on. It’s that guy, Baker Beagle. He sucker-punches me three times while I am on my back. I am finally able to get up, and within a matter of seconds it is broken up. While it was being broken up, the guy was pulling my hair. Even worse, he did it all in front of kids and does not even say a word. We were pulled apart before I could do anything about it and he was arrested for assault.

I hope this makes it a little bit more clear. There were many witnesses who saw it all too. That is the correct story and how it went down. Like you said, I am a pretty mellow dude. I just do my own thing and lurk around.

Here is a quick answer for the story behind me spitting at the chick. This was back in ’02 or ’01. I was probably 17 at the time. I was on my first Foundation summer tour. We were at a demo and there were kids all over place skating in the parking lot. This chick comes up all heated screaming at the kids. She’s so pissed that these kids are skating and getting in her way. I tell the broad she needs to calm down. I mean, she is yelling at young dudes for skating in a parking lot. She gets really pissed now that I am standing up for these kids and she starts to bicker and scream at me. She says some stuff like, “What are you gonna do about it? F**k you!” So I say something like, “F**k off, you slag.” So she slaps me, and I spit at her.

Well, Paul, thanks for hitting me up about this stuff. I hope this helps you out and many others. To tell you the truth, I do not try to get into trouble. It finds me. I try to mind my own business and do my own thing and a lot of people don’t understand my sarcasm or dry humor. People need to relax and let the good times roll. Go out and skateboard. Stop all the hating, especially all the message board brats. They get mad about anyone hating and all they do is hate. They are worse than jocks. We are all skateboarders and should stand up for each other and always have each other’s backs. There should be no hate in skating.

Don’t put me on trial, cause all I wanna do is get my kicks in style!
—Corey Duffel