Question Authority: Dennis Durrant

What’s up man? I just wanted to write and say that you’re the shit and that your part in It’s Time was off the chain. The song wasn’t really my deal, but you broke it off and then some in that vid for sure. Anyway dude, I just heard that you live with Windsor James and Tony Tave and I was just wondering how that is, living with them in a skate house. I lived with my homies in a skate house for like two months and had to break out ’cuz that shit just got too stupid too often. Is it just those two who live with you or are there some other people? Do you guys throw wild-ass parties and have a mini ramp in the backyard and shit? Do you ever have to crack the whip and make somebody do the dishes? What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen go down at your crib? Yeah dog, holla back!
Reese Radebaugh
New Orleans, LA

Yo what’s up Reese?
Damn, thanks a lot mate. I’m really stoked that you’re down for my skating. Yeah man that song definitely wasn’t my deal either… I was back home in Australia when the video was getting edited so I had no idea what my part even looked like until I went on the premiere tour through Europe. Man, I was pretty bummed. I didn’t get to see it before the video was premiered, but I would have changed that shit up for sure! The song is one of the most important aspects to a part, I think. The skating can be amazing, but if the song sucks people are going to be over it, you know?
Anyways, yeah I moved into Tony’s pad about a year ago. It’s been sick. We’ve been homies for ages man, so those dudes are like family, you know? Well it’s just us three that live here but we’ve always got some homies that will roll through and crash here for a while, definitely a typical skate house for sure. It’s all good times though. There has definitely been some wild times here for sure. There is pretty much a carpet stain to remember each one by, haha. Not too long ago there was this chick fight that broke out, which ended with one of the chicks getting kicked out the front door and down the stairs and breaking her wrist. That was pretty gnarly. Later that night that chick’s mum barged in and was like, “Hold that bitch down while I piss in her mouth.” I thought that was funny as hell! Although I guess that chick’s mum is trying to sue Tony or something because it went down at his house. Women, they’re crazy! When it comes to cleaning and dishes and all that not so fun stuff, it’s mellow. We won’t fight over it… It just doesn’t get done until someone does it at their own will pretty much. Sometimes we’ll just get a maid if it’s in pretty bad shape. There’s no mini ramp. That would be sick! Hopefully one day. Well thanks for your letter, Reese. Stay safe man and keep on rollin’… don’t ever stop! Peace homie.