Quiksilver Skateboarding Presents CoolMax Denim


(Huntington Beach, CA), July 14, 2009 – Skateboarders Reese Forbes, Alex
Olson and Danny Garcia, teamed up with Quiksilver to create a collection of
skate-engineered denim. Their three signature styles are now available on
Quiksilver.com and in skate shops.

Any guy knows that a long day of skating leaves you uncomfortable and
sweaty. Thats why all three signature styles are made with CoolMax fabric.
This revolutionary fabric has stretch denim properties that wick moisture
away from your body and dramatically accelerate the jeans drying time,
keeping you cool and unrestricted ­ some say its like having a virtual AC
unit in your pants. The use of this technology combined with individual
design input from Reese, Alex and Danny, ensures that whatever part of the
world you’re Roaming in, you’ll be cool, comfortable and well-equipped for a
day of riding.

To check out each signature denim style in detail and to learn more about
Reese, Danny, Alex and the rest of Quiksilver’s skate team, visit