Red Bull Manny Mania 2007


VENICE, CA – May 19, 2007 – Life’s a beach for Joey Brezinski after taking first place and $10k this Saturday in the first stop of Red Bull Manny Mania. Chico Brenes and Daniel Castillo also walked away with big checks after battling the field and a gigantic manny pad to make it to the final jam.

It was an unmistakably Venice atmosphere with tons of sunshine and an eclectic mix of locals including legend Christian Hosoi coming by to watch the action. The custom built manny pad, measuring in at over 38 ft. in length provided a unique obstacle for the field of 12 to throw their best manny combos in a jam format. From LA locals like Chris Roberts and Kenny Anderson to NYC diehard Zered Bassett, the crew of skaters sessioned the pad all day long in a fun and mellow contest that Skate Park of Tampa organizer Brian Schaefer described as “groundbreaking… yet laid back.”

Impressive tricks were rewarded with cash straight out of Schaefer’s pocket, including Malcolm Watson landing a crooked grind to nose manual to nollie heelflip out. It came down to just three however: Brezinski, Castillo and Brenes, who battled during a 15 minute final jam. Castillo threw down a 180 fakie manual bigspin out, while Brenes was landing a variety of tricks including a nollie heel up the step up to manual.


Brezinski was hitting banger combos all day. In the preliminary jams he racked up over 11 tricks in his 10-minute qualifying jam. He wowed the judges with tricks like a backside tailslide to fakie manual half cab out, a nose manual up the wedge to nollie heelflip manual down, kickflip nose wheelie nollie heelflip out and a nose manual to big box nollie kick flip off.

With the heat baring down the final 3 were really staring to feel it and conditions in the final jam were not easy. Joey still managed to lock down some of his banger tricks again and it was just enough to reign supreme as the manny king. After his win, Brezinski summed it up, “Basically skating 6 hours in the sun in Venice on the most insane Manny pad ever. Me, Chico and Daniel in the top 3. It was a good day!”

Everyone who skated walked away happy, but the top three guys scored a custom Red Bull pimp cup which came in really handy at the after party. Daniel Castillo’s got plans for his 4 grand, “I’m gonna pay some taxes!” Next up are six amateur stops around the country and then New York City, where the pros will have one last chance to shine on August 12th.

1st – Joey Brezinski – $10,000
2nd – Chico Brenes – $6,000
3rd – Daniel Castillo – $4,000
4th – Chris Roberts – $3,000
5th – Malcolm Watson – $2,000
6th – Zered Bassett – $1,000
7th – Danny Montoya – $900
8th – Kenny Anderson – $900
9th – Aaron Snyder – $400
10th – Rob Gonzales – $400
11th – SAD – $200
12th – Danny Supa – $200

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