TumYeto Road Trip

March 1st.
We flew into town, and in no time Nuge grabbed his camera and got down!

March 2nd.
We went skating all day in Tampa and Tarpon. Everyone got some footage. Corey and Don got photos with Rodent. Then we stopped by and hung out with the guys at Westside skateshop. We ate some dinner (we ate fast food or at gas stations during the day, but made it a point to eat a proper meal every night). After dinner we partied at “the Castle” with Scotty from the skatepark of Tampa.

March 3rd.
We had a signing at The Compound. Corey kicked some pizza out of Rusczyk’s hand while he was eating it in front of the kids. Kids went wild! There were lots of TumYeto products here! The demo went well, but Corey’s jacket was stolen…
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March 4th. Signing At The Finest Skateshop.

“That’s Life” & “Retirement Party” were playing on the t.v!

Kids had them sign everything…

Live Fast Skate Faster!

There was a product toss after the demo…

Mike Rusczyk threw a board into the gator swamp.

It ended up being a head to head tug-fest between a Mom vs. young TumYeto fan.

The Mom held back nothing, as she manhandled the young TumYeto fan!
And in the end Mom is Victorious!…. beating out a 10 year old boy.

Both signing and demos had a good turn out! I originally heard it was going to be mellow, but both signings lasted a few hours. The guys skated both demos until they couldn’t skate anymore. I’m sure both shops were stoked!

Nuge’s been handling ..and he’s got the scars to prove it!

March 5th, 6th, and 7th. Tallahassee.
Corey raped the shit out of Tallahassee! We were only supposed to stay for one day and then go to Atlanta, but since there were spots, we stayed for longer. Nuge got three photos with Rodent in one day! Rusczyk got some footage on this odd-looking sculpture thing, you’ll see it soon. There’s more to skate, so we’ll be going back and take care of some unfinished business.

March 7th, 8th, and 9th. Orlando.
Rodent knew about some spots in Orlando so we went…

March 8th.
We had a Covert Skateshop appearance. It was “Meet and Greet” plus slight autograph signing. They carried a lot of Corey’s signature Sessions stuff here! We met up with Ryan Nix and went skating. After a goos session it was off to Tampa the next day for the Pro contest weekend!

Hoang’s little “wrap up!”

I got some really good tricks on film during this trip and Rodent shot photos everyday. Everything went well! Thanks Beagle for getting me on this trip! We’re currently in Tampa for Tampa pro, handling it this weekend! To Duffs and Sessions: our reps did a great job with coming out to all the events and playing a part in making it more fun for the kids. Giving away free product, supplying the kids with stuff to sign, throwing out stickers, etc… Big thanks to Chris and Chris! Duffs and Sessions both earned some points in the area for sure, thanks to our hard working sales reps and our TumYeto counterparts