Red Bull’s Manny Mania Called Due to Rain



August 22, 2010 – (New York, NY) – After an exciting day of skating at the Red Bull Manny Mania World final, unfortunately the pros didn't get their day in the sun. The Red Bull Manny Mania Pro Final was cancelled due to heavy rains that soaked the course. Top skaters like Joey Brezinski, Eric Koston, Eli Reed and Kenny Anderson got their chance to practice and a couple heats charged on the manual pad before the skies opened up. The prize purse will be split evenly among the participating skaters.

Although Belgium's Youness Amrani, the winner of yesterday's Red Bull Manny Mania World Final, did not get to compete against the Pros, he'll get his chance to shine on an exclusive weekend trip to Venice Beach, CA to skate with Joey Brezinski