Redbull Manny Mania Weekend Photo Recap

Words & Photos: Jaime Owens
Here’s a little photo recap from our trip to New York City and the Redbull Manny Mania contest featuring Joey Brezinski, Brandon Biebel, Torey Pudwill, Zered Bassett, Kenny Anderson, Lizard King and more.

Hello New York.

The newly redesigned LES park got incorporated into the Manny Mania course. First up on Saturday was the am contest.

Dan Corrigan was so gnar, he broke his truck on a manual and decided to eat it.

Jeremias Delgado from Finland, nose manual 360 shove-it to manual.

Brandon Bandula was getting creative with the course. Manual up to nosegrind grab out.

I’m sure there was some flip in, flip out shit with this Joao Dantas nosemanual.

Congrats to Joao Dantas on winning the Am contest. He killed it.

Lizard and all the Supra boys were in town. Kickflip into bank.

The kids love them some Lizard King.

On the way out for the first day, had to check out Luis Tolentino’s bad ass whip.

We hit these ledges after the contest and Skateboarder’s Aaron Smith thought it would be cool to kickflip the ledge. Nice one.

Ran into Freddy Gall and Joel Meinholtz out in the streets.

Fred and Al Davis. Good dudes to skate with.

Ran into Zered flying around at the Chelsea Pier park.

Then over to Max Fish. Kyle Leeper and Stefan Janoski with his new hair color.

Torey, Neen and Biebel holding it down.

OG Shut Skateboards reunion with these boys: Chris Pastras, Barker Barrett, Bruno Musso, Felix Arguelles and Jeff Pang.

Rodney Torres and Skateboarder’s Roger Bagley

Cover boy Kevin Romar in the house.

Then the pro contest went down. Biebel was ripping all day.



Everyone was hyped to see Austyn Gillette in the contest. Back Smith up and manual down.

Marty Murawski, frontside 180 fakie manual 180 out.

Ausytn Gillette, backside tailslide up. Photo: Jonathan Mehring

Brandon Biebel, half-Cab heelflip manual 180 out. Photo: Jonathan Mehring

Sewa Kroetkov , nollie shove-it manual flip out. Photo: Jonathan Mehring

Torey Pudwill, kickflip backside tailslide to fakie nose manual 180 out. Photo: Jonathan Mehring

Kenny Anderson, backside noseblunt slide. Photo: Jonathan Mehring

Zered Bassett, manual up to frontside crooks.

And the champ, Joey Brezinski, did this combo platter.

Congrats to Joey for first, Sewa for second and Biebel for third place. All you dudes killed it.

See you next year New York and big thanks to Redbull for hooking it up again!

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And check back tomorrow for a full Pro video edit.