Redbull’s Manny Mania World Am Contest

Amateur Skateboarders from 31 Countries Compete for Shot at Pros

August 20, 2011 – (New York, NY) – Though the 31 skaters competing in Red Bull Manny Mania World Final come from all over the globe and speak many different languages, there was one clear statement made on Saturday from The Netherlands’ Sewa Kroetkov as he dominated the competition. With his insanely difficult and technical tricks throughout the rounds, there was no doubt he was the king of the manuals.

Although there was threat of thunderstorms (and the course having survived a torrential downpour the night before), the sun shined for the contest and allowed the field to display varying styles. From the “super mannys” circling around the course put on by Marten Rapp of Sweden to Italian Francesco Marconato’s technical nose wheel nollie tre flip out– fans were treated to a show of the most difficult part of skateboarding. It was 20-year-old bookkeeper Sewa however that laid down the law, with a barrage of tricks that had fans hyped up – including his nose wheelie nollie double flip out and his tre flip manual tre flip out.

During Sewa’s final run, which event MC Jefferson Pang dubbed “the nail gun” since he put so many nails in the coffin of his competitors, he banged out the trick of the day – a nollie flip nose manual nollie heelflip out

The high level of skill displayed today was not lost on judge and co-founder of the popular skate site The Berrics, Steve Berra, “I’m certainly glad I no longer have to worry about competing with these ams. Every pro from the 90s you have two more years til these kids force you out.”

For Sewa, it’s just the start of a weekend he will always remember, “The contest was hard but amazing. Words cannot describe what it feels like to win. I can’t wait to skate in the pro contest. If I can make it through practice in one piece I don’t think I’ll be nervous.” Sewa doesn’t have long to wait, as he now joins the invite-only contest on Sunday with former Red Bull Manny Mania champions Joey Brezinski, Ronnie Creager and Eli Reed.

Red Bull Manny Mania World Final Results:

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

1. Netherlands – Sewa Kroetkov
2. Italy –Francesco Marconato
3. Denmark – Mads Christensen
4. United States – Sebastian Walker
5. France – Manuel Etchegoyen
6. Sweden – Márten Rapp
7. Slovenia – Robert Kocjan
8. Russia – Dmitrii Rodionov
9. Argentina – Gonzalo Saravia
10. Peru – Luis Guillermo Vascones