Rob Dyrdek to Host Safe Skate Spot Opening

The Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation, in conjunction with the City of Los Angeles and CKE Restaurants, Inc., will host the grand opening for the Lafayette Park Safe Spot Skate Spot on February 24, 2009. Professional Skateboarder and MTV star Rob Dyrdek will be on hand to open the new street skateboarding spot developed through his foundation. Following the opening ceremony, the DC Skate Team will hold a skateboard demo and the new skate spot will then be opened to the public to skate. The Lafayette Safe Spot, Skate Spot was developed in partnership with Newline Skate Parks and California Skate Parks. At just over 7,000 square feet of skateable terrain, the spot will contain ledges, benches and stairs that flow through the park