60 Seconds: Ryan Gallant

60 Seconds
with Ryan Gallant

Favorite song to play on your drums?
I don’t play any specific songs. I just play beats. I’m kinda into the metal, the double bass drum, some rap beats, some jazz. I like it all.

Most outrageous thing you saw on the DC tour?

I was at a party in Vancouver where we had a VIP area rented out. A lady cop came in and started stripping, which was kinda weird. Then I was just kinda chilling in the booth and some homey came and sat next to me and smoked crack. I don’t know who he was. That was the closest I’ve ever been to crack smoking.

What’s a spot you miss from Massachusetts?

The street in front of my parents’ house and Turtles—it was the best spot ever. It’s long gone. That was the first place my dad ever took me to skate. I saw dudes ollieing over the tube on top of the banks and I used to think it was amazing. I thought that was when you’d be pro, if you could ollie over the tube. It’s torn down now, though, so I’ll never know if I can ollie it.

Best thing about owning a tiny dog?

Picking up tiny poop. The poop doesn’t even get in the rug, it just hovers on the carpet. And Bentley doesn’t chew up anything because his mouth is so small. At the same time, he’s not really low maintenance because anything in the world can kill him; if he got a bee sting we’d have to take him to the emergency room.

What’s the best advice Danny Way has given you?

Eat three Aleves before you skate, three every two hours while you’re skating and a few after you’re done. Those are the magic Danny pills.

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What’s the worst place you’ve ever traveled to?

I don’t want anyone to hate me out there but I’d have to say Dayton, Ohio. That place is trife. Two chicks on the DC tour got carjacked there.

What’s a bad habit you wish you could quit?

I have so many. Biting and picking my fingernails, man, I hate that one. I feel like a little kid because I still do that. And procrastinating. I’ll sit around and think about what I got to do all day and won’t do any of it.

What daily rituals do you have?

I don’t know if this is a family magazine, but smoking is a daily ritual. Gotta do a couple kickflips every day, too. If those aren’t working I’ll just cancel the whole day. Oh, and pet Bentley. In my new house there’s a window that’s always sunny. He loves to sit there in the sun, and I kick it with him there every morning.

If you could’ve been pro in a different era?

Maybe early ’90s or something, when skateboarding wasn’t that big. It would be cool to see what it was like to be pro when skating was smaller and there weren’t million-kid demos and all that.

And if you weren’t a pro skater?

I’d still be skating, I think. But I’d probably be skating pools and stuff. I’d probably be fatter, ride Indys and bigger wheels and I’d probably drink a lot and work some crappy job.