Skate Anatomy: Montoya

Skate Anatomy
Danny Montoya


Chronic Wrist Drama
I’ve broken the same wrist three times. The first time was at Upland Pipeline as a young dummy. I was messing around in the little steep ditch, looped out and broke my young wrist. Later in life, I broke the same wrist twice in the same year. Falling back of a ledge off stairs—SNAP! A couple months later while skating a marble ledge on flat of all things, I slipped over the top and landed on the same wrist—SNAP! Sweet! I was starting to feel like Salmon Agah back in the day with cast footy.

Weak in the Knees
After years of slapping, bashing, land sharking, torquing, twisting, and whatever else you want to call it, my knees caps are mad sensitive. Any slight hit to them hurts like crazy. I guess the fact that I have bony knees doesn’t help either. Oh yeah, and when your board pops up and hits you in that soft spot right below your kneecap, that sucks, too.


Busted Ribs
Don’t ever try skating something for real when it’s raining or the spot is wet. I was trying a trick at Ghetto Ledges in Miami as it was starting to rain. As I bailed, my foot slipped off the wet ledge and I flew down with my body inverted and landed with nothing to break my fall—no hands, no feet, nothing. I landed with my elbow jutting into my ribs followed by all my weight on top of it. After not being able to breathe for a little bit, I found out I had a mini crack in one rib and a couple others were bruised.

Ultimate Scorpion
This happened in the 6th grade around the time I started skating. My friend and I were heading to our buddy’s house. He had a bike and I was on foot so he says, “Hop on the handle bars; it’ll be quicker.” This kid was notorious for being a jokester, but I hopped on anyway. He started blazing out and swerving from side to side to scare me. I was over it and scared of falling, so I began yelling at him to stop, but he continued to play scary guy. Then somehow, someway, my foot got caught in the front spokes. The next thing I knew, we did an endo and both of us flipped forward. I skidded on my face in scorpion position, and he landed on top of me with the bike, dragging me farther along on the asphalt. Rad! Not only was my face all done up from scraping the ground, but also my front ankle was twisted as it went in the spokes and got rolled. Thanks, Scott! Funny guy, huh?


Boy Bunyan
Ever since I was young, I’ve worn shoes that are too small for me. I just like the way they feel and look. Small shoes are tight against your foot and they look filled, not all loose and dangled. The combo of small shoes and skating probably wasn’t the best thing for my feet. Looking down at one of my feet, my big toe veers completely to the right and a bunion it starting to creep in. It’s almost like my foot has a mini elbow on the ball of it.

Sideways Pinkie
Skating a gap that lands in a downhill incline, I finally got psyched enough to try to land my trick. I landed on my board, completely stuck and flew forward. To catch myself, I put both hands down and my right hand smashed into a little drainage canal in the ground. My pinkie got caught, snapped, and the rest of my hand continued to move forward. I immediately knew something wrong had gone down. All my fingers were straight up except my pinkie, which was pointing directly to the right. I bent it back to look like my other fingers. That’s when I felt and heard my bones cracking. It was the weirdest thing for me to do, but it had to be done.

Rusty Pipes
This is the most random story of my life and I’m still confused to this day: It’s junior high and I’m standing between a fence and a football field watching the game from the sideline. I go to scratch my arm and feel something, like a metal stick, next to my wrist. I look down and see a dart like the ones you throw at a dartboard sticking out of my wrist. I was bugging out, almost in shock. I grabbed it and pulled it out, all disturbed to see that it was all rusty. I ended up having to get a tetanus shot. How the hell this happened I have no idea. Did some kid throw it over the fence messing around? Did a mysterious dart fly from the sky? Who knows?