Satellite Boardshop

Interview by: Tim Martinez

Quick shop bio:
Years in business 7
Owners – Raul Pinto & JG Mazzotta
Location: 1538 28th St, Boulder, CO.

What year was your store established?

How many locations do you have? Are you planning on expansion?
One, but we also own Installation…. When you live in space, plans for expansion are limitless.

I noticed Satellite has a pretty solid team, who’s on the roster?
At this point its just one big family… like a mafia of sorts.

Tell us a bit about the shop videos that Satellite has produced…
Well, the ongoing saga now includes “Ride with Us ” (which is a skatepark tour of Colorado and other states.. with camping partying etc) and “Satellite on Demand” is a video zine on the snow side of things in Colorado . Both vids highlight the team community and our friends. Podcasts come out on

Outside of the team how else does Satellite stay involved in the community?
Installation is our hub for sneakers, art and everybody in between. Check ’em out here.

What do you feel is the Skate Shops role in the industry?
To be a clubhouse for everybody.

Has it been hard on certain aspects of the business being outside of the epicenter of the skate industry (So. Cal)? If so how?
What?? We are the epicenter! Drop a pebble in the center of the country and watch the ripple…

What has been a key component of Satellite’s success over the years?
A positive attitude and staying focused on what we are doing, not what people are trying to do.

What challenges have you faced with the online segment of your business?
Letting the kids in the places that have no shop know that Satellite is here if they still want some love…. and all the close out crap online… goons trying to drop in! There is no filter for what is a down ass company…

What would you like the skate community at large to know about Satellite?
If you are part of the skate community then you already know… for the kids that don’t we hope u have a good crew in your area, if not hit us up at