Scion RAT Tour Results and Recap

RAT Tour Stop #5 Results

BOERNE, TX (October 23, 2011) – The Scion RAT Skate Tour headed for the hills this past weekend with our first visit to the all-new Boerne Skate Park just north of San Antonio, TX. Boerne is a sleepy little town at the edge of the Texas Hill Country with a rustic vibe and it was a great setting for a day of shredding! It was the 5th stop of the 2011 series and featured a street competition on the well-planned plaza course followed by the Element Best Trick throw-down on the parks handrail.
The contest started with 54 skaters split into 9 heats of 6. Riders had 5-minutes to impress the judges and the top two from each heat advanced to the semi-final round. They definitely came to skate on Saturday. Even during warm-ups you could tell the talent level was high. All of the first round heats had some standout runs. The eighteen riders that advanced to the semi’s were split into 3 heats of 6 with the top two advancing to a six man final where everyone would be paid. In Heat #1, Grant McConnel and Jose Lua beat out Jake Kirby, Keeton Forman, Josh Matei and Slax to move into the finals. In Heat #2 D’Andra Martin and Will Flores outscored Greg Diaz, Mario Castillo, Rye Beres and Jude Tidwell. In the last semi-final heat Drake Flores and Max Taylor topped Josh Love, Brett Heinis, Anthony Hunter and Mike Buelar. Some honorable mentions that did not make the cut, but still got noticed were young Austin Turgon who received the “mini-shredder” award for throwing down with the big boys, Rudy Zamora who killed it in heat #3 but just missed the cut and Lade Jones who travelled all the way from Louisiana and fired up the crowd with a sick fakie frontside bigger spin on the pyramid.
The judges had their work cut out for them in the finals as the two final heats of three where stacked with the days best riders. When it was all said and done, it was a couple of San Antonio locals at the top of the order. Will Flores had the park wired all day long easily advancing through earlier heats and he didn’t slow down in the finals. He had hammers for every obstacle in the park including a clean 360 kickflip to lip slide on the handrail and he took 1st Place. The judges had their biggest challenge trying to figure out 2nd and 3rd Place. Austin’s “Mad” Max Taylor dominated his earlier heats with some of the sickest runs of the day. He dislocated a finger at the end of the semi’s but kept charging. Drake Flores is no stranger to final rounds at the RAT Tour and tricks like his BS 360 down steps and bigflip fs board on the handrail helped him barely edge out Taylor to take 2nd. D’Andra Martin, Jose Lua and Grant McConnel rounded out the top 6. All of the top six received cash and prizes from series sponsors.
As soon as the street finals wrapped, everyone at the park gathered around the parks bigger handrail for the Element Best Trick Comp. It was open to anyone who had skated earlier and they lined up for a five-minute full assault and a chance to win a $300 Element Drop Spot bench rail. Greg Diaz took the early lead when he stuck a front blunt backside bigspin out. That trick held up until close to the final whistle when Anthony Hunter landed nollie nose slide, Slax stuck the same trick as Diaz and Timmy Cazaras did a 50-50 up the rail. But it was Steven Rodriguez who took the Element Best Trick win with a kickflip back feeble.
There is no doubt that the crowd in Boerne were treated to a full day of top notch skating and everyone seemed to have a great time. DJ XBoyRD killed it in the Skullcandy music tent and local artists Aaron Moreno from Gravel Mouth and David Almaguer and Gabe “Safari” Hernandez from Third Vision Collective busted out some of the sickest art decks of the series in the Sector 9 “Inspiration Station”.
Stop #5 of the RAT Tour was made possible with support from Scion and local dealer Scion of Boerne, Monster Energy Drink, Cricket Wireless, Skullcandy, Spy Optic, Skateboarder Magazine, Sector 9, Element Skateboards, Already Been Chewed, Neff Headwear, Theeve Trucks and Sk8te Skins. Additional support provided by local skate shops including Evolution, Good Times, Flips, TSR and Fast Forward.
Huge thanks to all of the skaters, sponsors, artists, judges, friends and families who came out and made our first trip to Boerne another successful stop for the 2011 RAT Skate series!
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