Screen Memory | JB Gillet

Gangster Rap According to JB Gillet

1. Tha Dogg Pound: Coastin’
“We Daz, Kurupt / Kurupt and Daz / We puff on the trees / We get the cash / We DPG back on the mash.”

2. Tha Dogg Pound: Some Bomb Azz P*ssy
“While I bust a hellified superfied nut, I had to go / Straight pimpin in the city, shakin ass and titties.”

3. Pimp C: I’m free
“Wasn’t nothin like “Oz,” a bunch of iron and bars / Bunch of player hatin snitches, talkin to the guards / And a whole penitentiary bein’ ran by broads / Some of ’em kept it one hundred, most of them was frauds.”

4. E-40: I’m Da Man
“I’m buyin my yola, you gettin chronic / I’m tryin to go out the park, you tryin to bunt it / So you know if I drop it then it’s a hit / The game got it in my grip like a catcher’s mitt.”

5. Three 6 Mafia: Knock The Black Off Ya A**
“I think they better call Bush ’cause it’s a national disaster / When I unleash my pistolgrip Bushmaster / Ring the alarm I got double charms / 100 round spinnin’ you can’t hide you can’t run.”

I wonder what kind of nut tree produces hellified, superfied nuts. Can’t be organic I’m sure.

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