Sean Malto In Kansas City Photos Pt. 1

Our good friend and contributing photographer, Aaron Smith, went to Kansas City to start working on a full interview with Sean Malto so he hopped in the van with Ty Evans and drove out a few weeks back. Here’s a sneak peak at what went down. Check back for part 2 and be on the lookout for our Sean Malto & Friends “Straight to the Internet” exclusive video next Friday.
Photos & captions: Aaron Smith

Ty Evans beginning the two day journey from California to Kansas City.

All of Kansas City came out to surprise Sean for his 22nd birthday. Ty, Stevie Perez, and myself occupied Sean by going to a Haunted House (against Sean’s willingness) so that Sean’s roommate Joseph could secretly get everyone in and set up. The surprise was worth a few scares.

People everywhere for Sean’s party.

This is the reason Sean hasn’t moved from Kansas.

Stevie Perez gets some lipslide action.

Stevie, switch crooks.

Malto and Bagley check over the footage.

Stevie high fives Ty.

This is how you handle skating a ditch up hill. KC helps Sean pull back the sling shot.

The homey, Joel Esch, got up on a frontside feeble grind.

Ty Evans, frontside nosegrind. He’s killin it. Who says he just films?

Sean, backside 50-50