Shaun White Arrested

Image from TMZ
Words: Christian Senrud

Early Sunday morning, Olympic Gold medalist and X Games dominator, Shaun White, was arrested and charged with vandalism and public intoxication after allegedly pulling a fire alarm and damaging property at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville, TN.

ABC has the story here, which makes for a good read, as does TMZ here, but what I’m more interested in is how this might influence the Olympic committee’s view on skateboarding for possible inclusion in future Summer Olympics.

White had previously been pushing for our “sport” to be included in the next Olympics, and as a Winter Olympian and medalist, has become our spokesperson of sorts on the matter, saying how great of a fit we’d be for the Olympics. It’s a polarizing topic, as is Shaun White himself within skateboarding, but perhaps this little outburst will help push us out of reach for the somewhat stale, family friendly atmosphere of the summer games.

Or maybe ratings are hurting enough that NBC and the Olympic committee and whoever else are willing to look the other way as they have when snowboarders have tested positive for “performance enhancing” drugs like marijuana in past years. At the present, I can only speculate and hope that the Olympics have the good sense to leave us out as they always have in the past.