Sheckler handicapped


Professional Skateboarder and Reality TV Star, Ryan Sheckler, has broken his arm just 4 days before the richest contest skateboarding has ever seen. Sheckler was favored by many for the $100,000 first place prize. According to our source, Ryan’s elbow has “been dislocating really easy and today they couldn’t get it back without a lot of work and pressure. He has multiple fractures in the elbow. Mobility is limited but he is refusing a cast at this time so that he can skate in the contest.”

Ryan experienced a similar injury last year while skating the AST Vans Invitational. Greg Lutzka ended Ryan’s four in-a-row winning streak when Ryan broke his other elbow during the contest and ended up taking second place. And just like last year, Ryan won’t let his injury stop him from skating the upcoming Maloof Money Cup.

The 18 year old celebrity begins filming Season 3 of his hit MTV show, Life of Ryan, this week with premiering episodes airing in the next couple of months. The third season is said to be based on skateboarding, parties, contest and friends, rather than the family drama seen in previous seasons.

Best of luck to Ryan for a speedy recovery and hopefully it won’t drastically affect is ability at this weeks contest.

Watch Ryan tough through his injury and give everything he’s got for Maloof Money Cup this weekend, July 11-13th.