Sheckler Robbed of 100K Worth of Jewelry

Stacy Salazar of Las Vegas was arrested under the charge of grand larceny after Ryan Sheckler’s called the cops when nearly $100,000 worth of his jewelry went missing.

The long and short of it is Sheckler brought a girl back to his hotel room and after whatever happened between the pair of consenting adults, Sheckler fell asleep only to be awakened to the door shutting behind Salazar. In some sort of early morning haze he was able to look around and realize, “Hey, a lot of my expensive shit isn’t where I left it,” and he called the cops.

Salazar claimed that it was a frame job but the police apparently weren’t having it because they booked her with charges of grand larceny.

You can read more about it at on TMZ and Bitten and Bound.

TMZ is calling this a heist, which is pretty funny. When I hear the word heist I think of well orchestrated plan involving debunked alarms and multiple unnamed partners working in cahoots to break in an rob a vault of gold and untraceable stacks of cash. This seems more a bit more cut and dry and I think Clooney or Pitt would have a better alibi than “It wasn’t me,” if and when the cops show up.

I don’t know that The Dirt is, but this girl seems to be pretty popular with skateboarders.

Also, I’ll just leave this here: