60 Seconds: Joey Brezinski

60 Seconds With Joey Brezinski
Interview: Adam Salo

What's a manual trick you're working on but haven't done yet?
I got a couple but I don't want to let the cats out of the bag.

What extravagant purchases did you make with the money you won from the Red Bull Seek and Destroy contest?
I'd say 10 percent went to the nudie bar, 30 percent went to gambling in Vegas and the rest of it went to bills, fixing my car and computer stuff.

What's the best thing about riding for Clich?
Trying to learn French and being able to go to Europe a lot more than I would be able to if I rode for a different team.

Last time you made Chris Roberts angry?
Probably at the Adio Christmas paintball game. I just annoyed him a little too much; I know how to push his buttons. I keep him on his toes.

Movie that made you cry?
A movie that made me cry? Um, Colors. The cop at the end, dude, it was pretty sad. I gotta watch it again.

Pick-up lines?
I have an old lady so those days are numbered for me. You just gotta be smooth, though. If there's a pool table nearby, you go up and help 'em play pool. The trick is touchy feely. I let my hands do the talking.

Who are some ams you're feeling right now?
Nyjah, he's pretty tight. I like the way that kid Sean Malto skates and Ernie Torres. Our new am on Clich, Brophy. He's got some pop I've never seen before.

I've been learing Illustrator; learning how to design graphics and stuff. I just got a laptop and got a bunch of programs from the guys at Adio. I designed a logo for saltpeter.tv. That's our little f**k around website. It's the word "saltpeter" where the t's look like dicks.

What's something that made you laugh?
You know those electric two-wheel things that people drive around on the beach? This old guy was riding one of those and flew off a curb cut going pretty fast. He got some air and completely lost it. He was on the ground and I was just driving by. Jason Rogers was with me and was like "Stop!" I thought he was going to help the guy but he just shot a photo of him with his camera phone and we broke out. That's the last thing I saw that was pretty funny.

Your friends would say your worst flaw is?
My teeth.