Sixty Seconds: Mike Carrol

Sixty Seconds with Mike Carroll

What’s an initiation ritual when you put a dude on Girl?
They have to tell Rick which concaves are skateable because he can’t tell. They have to pack griptape and bolts on tour because no one else is smart enough to carry them for themselves. And they have to do Aaron Meza’s, Scott Johnston’s and Brian Anderson’s shitty laundry.

Name three things that just seem weird.
Japanese food—I shouldn’t generalize, though, because I eat Japanese food sometimes—socializing and this question.

What do you miss most about San Francisco?
The food and skating down the street.

Craziest thing you’ve seen on the Internet?
Besides the beer poop email, it would have to be the octopus or the washing of the hands inside of an anus.

What’s a rumor you’ve heard most about yourself?
I heard one that I focused five boards in a day, and I’ve heard that I nollie flipped the Gonz gap—I don’t even know where that one came from. I did try it a few times, but my board never made it across the gap.

What’s the most extravagant thing you’ve ever bought while on tour?
A bunch of gadgets in Japan, mini discs and stuff.

What’s your biggest fear?
Flying without sedatives.

Last time Rick Howard made you laugh.
I laughed when I heard about him going to a Mike Crum after-hours club thing. He paid for everyone to get in and then left five minutes later.

If Girl was a company in the 1980s, which pros would be on the team?
GSD, Jonny Kopp and Jeff Jones.

What’s the most ridiculous thing you made your mother buy you as child?
I asked her to rent porn for me. I think she did it once but she wouldn’t keep doing it because she got embarrassed. And I made her buy me the G.I. Joe hovercraft.

What is your favorite activity outside of skateboarding?
Searching for a 60-gig black iPod.

Name three things you wish you could change about yourself.
I wish my glass could be more full. I’d like to change the fact that I have to disconnect my beard from my chest, and I wish I could push switch.