Skate Anatomy | Paul Machnau

For some reason, since I had surgery on my right ankle I always roll my left one.

LA Rodilla
My foot slipped off my tail coming off this rail in LA. I did the splits and smashed my inner knee hard on the ground. Serious pain. I thought I tore something, but it ended up just being sprained. Still took a few months to heal.

Push Comes to Shove
I broke my rib on a switch pop-shove over this street gap. I got wheelbite, stuck, and flew onto my left arm, which stabbed my midsection and snapped a rib. Broken ribs suck.

Rib Jib
I was taking the day off from skating and decided to go downhill mountain biking to relax. Unfortunately, I started getting into it and was bustin’ moves until the ground got in my way. Handlebars to the ribs. Great day off.

Mother Earth Hurts
When I was 8, these bullies at school slingshotted me into a tree, which broke my collar bone on impact.

Barcelona Tailbona
In Barcelona, I slipped of a nollie crook on a bench and stepped back on my board, shot out, and impaled myself on the corner of another bench, right next to my tailbone. I rolled on the ground drooling and moaning for about 25 minutes. By far the most pain I have ever been in.

Czech’d Chin
In the Prague contest back in ’01, I was skating in practice and slipped out and smashed my chin on the concrete. Had to get stitches in the sketchiest hospital I have ever seen. It was cold, dark, dirty, and felt like a horror movie set.

Dipped Back Lip
I was trying to back-lip this rail with a sketchy run-up, so I laid down some wood. Bad idea. My pop was springy and I locked into a back Smith, stuck, flew backwards, and blindly slammed right to my back and head. Knocked myself out for a second and put myself out for a month.

Crack Whore Head Bash
I was coming home from dinner one night around midnight. There was this sketchy girl trying to buzz into my building. She followed me in and for the next half hour I tried to get her to leave my lobby. So I finally called the cops and stood with the door open so she would leave. She had put a brick or something in her purse and on her way out swung and hit me on the side of my head. I almost passed out and immediately started gushing blood from this huge gash in my melon.

Impaled Toenail
My board harpooned my big toe about eight years ago and my toenail fell off once a year around the same time for, like, six years. That was weird, but it’s over now. I’ve been running this one for a solid two years.

Unreasonable Breakage
Filming in San Jose for The Reason, I slipped off a switch flip down a double set and fell back on my right leg until my ankle couldn’t hold on anymore. It gave out and popped out of socket as my fibula snapped. I got a dislocated ankle and broken fibula and I actually didn’t know my leg was broken until I went to the hospital.

The Aussie Crippler
I stuck on a front board down this double kink in Australia and fell onto a foot-high brick retaining wall. Pretty much crippled myself for two weeks. I was walking sideways until I had a few physio sessions. If I had hit an inch to my left I could have crushed my spine and really been messed. Someone was watching out for me on that one.

All Thumbs Today
Years ago on a mission to Cali from Vancouver, me and Chalmers stopped at this hubba at a school in Redding. I think I was just warming up and came off it weird, stuck, and fell straight onto my thumb. It’s still all messed up.