Skate Anatomy | Silas Baxter-Neal


Bowl Rolled
I broke my left foot when I was 15. I broke all the middle bones all apart; they were just completely separated. I did that skating a little bowl in my hometown. We had a little skatepark, and I was in a cast for seven months.

Enter the Dragon
Pretty much, two months after I had gotten back on my board I broke my left arm trying to grind this crazy little dragon rail at this skatepark opening in Newberg, Oregon. So, pretty much for a whole year I was in casts.

Fencing Lessons
I cut the shit out of my hand to the bone the other day making a fence. I was cutting this fence post, making a fence for my garden, and my hands slipped, slicing my left hand straight down to the bone. I saw it all moving around. I didn’t realize that your skin on your hands and stuff is like a glove, basically. Like, if you cut a round circle around your wrist or something like that you could just slide off your whole hand skin like a glove. After I cut my finger I pulled the skin forward and back and could almost see my knuckles.


Punk Drunk
I fell one time really bad, and when I stepped on my board it shot up and smacked me in the chin. Have you ever heard of how boxers get punch-drunk when they get hit in the face a bunch of times? It was kind of like that. I went to stand up and I totally lost all my balance and got really dizzy and almost blacked out and fell over again. I caught myself, but I split my whole chin open and broke my tooth. But that was really weird, just by getting hit in the bottom of the chin getting totally dizzy and disoriented. It was kinda weird.

Insurance Woes
I had a pretty bad hernia for about two years. And that was all during the filming of the Habitat video, and I’d been putting off getting surgery forever and ever until it got super bad and it was to the point where I didn’t want to get out of bed or do anything at all. Then I got insurance finally, and pretty much a week after I got insurance it went away. After a month I just didn’t feel it ever again. I didn’t need to get surgery for it, so I was pretty psyched on that.

Close Call in ’Nam
I was in Vietnam this past year and I got really bad food poisoning. Basically, I was in the hotel room by myself for three days puking and shitting and so sick that I’d get up to go get a drink of water and it would just make me really sick. I was too scared to actually go to a hospital there and I’ve heard too many stories of shitty hospitals overseas and stuff. I just tried to sleep it off and stayed in my hotel room for three days and by the time we went home I was all right. That was pretty shitty. Yeah, food poisoning’s horrible.


Broken Unbeknownst
The other day I went in to get X-rays for the hand I cut open and they they found a fracture in my wrist that was old. I guess I cracked it at some point. I don’t remember.

Rollin’ Stacks
Right now I got a really bad rolled ankle. I was at the Maloof Cup trying to win money and I ruined my whole trip to Europe, which would’ve been really fun. I guess I got what I deserved.

Fencing Lessons
When I was 17, I was running from security on campus and I was hopping over a chain-link fence. You know the little sharp stud thing on the top? I got my hand caught on that, like right between my pointer finger and my thumb. It sliced it all the way open, and so it was just like a deep pocket of blood gushing everywhere. I had to get eight stitches in that thing. That’s sucked really bad.

Putting in Work
On top of that wallride in SF where I had some tricks in Inhabitants, there’s a fence with the same kind of thing where I got cut and had to get eight stitches. It’s a chain-link fence with sharp little edges poking out and I was doing wallrides on that thing and I was trying to ollie on and wallride over and ollie over the bar, like over one bar and then ride and ollie over the second bar. So, I was trying to ride the very top wall and I was catching my arm at the top of the wall and the bottom of the fence. I got three really big scars on my arm from that thing.