Skate the Red Bull Manny Mania NYC Course

Red Bull is partnering up with 5Boro and Andale Golden Wheels to let a lucky few skate the Manny Mania course in NYC August 18th. The first 150 people that get the wheel collaboration will be invited to skate from 2pm to 4pm. Click through for more information. And our editor, Jaime Owens, has two pair that he’s taking to NYC, so he’s gonna find two lucky rippers to give them to. Look for the old dude in the black & white Skateboarder Magazine hat.


For the last five years tons of skateboarders have wanted to skate the Red Bull Manny Mania course, but until now, it has been exclusively reserved for the skaters in the World Final and Pro contests. For the first time, Red Bull is going to open the course up for an Open Session from 2p.m.-4p.m. on Saturday, August 18 to the lucky 150 skateboarders that get their hands on the 5Boro and Andale Golden Wheels invitations. These invites will be given out in New York City during the week leading up to the event. Check, and follow @redbullskate and @redbullNYC on Twitter for details on when and where to get your invite!