Skate Anatomy: Brian Sumner

Brian Sumner

Left Side

Numerous folded ankles:
“I folded my left ankle learning frontside flips; my board would land primo and my ankle would just fold.”

Swellbows and hippers:
“In Liverpool, the floor is really rough and there are just a bunch of big stairs and gaps—so I pretty much just grew up jumping off stairs and gaps onto my hips and elbows. My elbows and hips are filled up with dry puss.”

Inflated knee:
“My knee filled up with puss for a week, then exploded when I slipped out of a back lip onto the corner of a wooden bench. Puss was everywhere! Puss and slime were sliding all down my leg.”

Broken ribs:
“I was skating the Birdhouse vert ramp and I landed primo on a kickflip fakie. I fell back onto my ribs and broke them with my elbow.”

Broken toe:
“I was trying to kickflip this big gap and I landed on the last stair. It was my nearest toe next to my big toe. Not my actual toe, more the inside of my foot—the bone leading to that toe just broke. I thought it was bruised and tried to skate on it, but it never healed and I was very lucky that the bone stayed attached. I stayed off it for six weeks and it just fixed.”


Directly to balls:
“I was doing a throw onto a handrail in Liverpool and I had done it four times. I wanted to do it five. I kicked the board as I jumped, got sacked, fell, and hit my head on the last stair and got knocked out. It felt like hours, but it had only been a split second. My friends didn’t even know I had been knocked out. I got up and just freaked out, I was really dizzy and I was saying how I had just seen God. I told them I had talked to God for a while and he told me it wasn’t time yet, and I said he had a white beard and he was this old guy and I was telling everyone how he told me that I was going to ride for Airwalk. I couldn’t remember anyone’s name and I woke up the next day to Ali Boulala, who was staying at my house, feeling out of place because I couldn’t recall who he was. For about two weeks I had the most amazing religious feeling ever, and I was so sure I found God. Oh yeah, and Geoff Rowley called and told me he got me on Airwalk.”

Slid on my ass:
“You know how it goes, I just stick on things and slide on my ass. It’s always torn up and my lower back is always bruised.”

Right Side

Folded ankle:
“Once I learned noseslides, I tried them down every rail I could find. A lot of them were way too steep and my front foot would come off and my nose would break or I would fold my ankle. It sucked. Skating Vans Skatepark at the time with Ed Templeton, who raged it by the way, I was talking to Deanna Templeton about if I should call [this girl] or not. I think I said, ‘Oh well, if it’s meant to happen it’s meant to happen.’ I tweaked a melon grab too much and my foot came off the side of the nose. I hobbled off the course, went home, and decided I had nothing else to do because all I did was skate—so I called Tracy.”

Broken and scabbed knuckles:
“Generally not my fault, it’s always provoked.” SB