Skate Anatomy: Chris Senn

Chris Senn

Right side:

Sprained ankle:
“So many times, that I stopped counting.”

Cut fingers:
“I almost cut off two of my fingers when I bailed on a transfer at one of the X Games. One of those pieces of metal on the bottom of the ramp cut clean through my fingers. Some X-Games-staff lady fixed it with supeglue and tape.”


Knocked out:
“I’ve done this several times, but I don’t remember the details. One time, I was skating vert in Germany and made the finals. I was so stoked, so I thought it would be a good idea to skate with no helmet. I remember walking up the stairs and then waking up surrounded by German medics and Bryce Kanights. I could think straight, but when I tried to talk it just came out all gibberish. I was scared; I ran and hid under a table. I think that was the only time I ever made it to the vert finals and I couldn’t skate. It sucked!”

Cracked pelvis:
“My dad drove me and my friend 12 hours, all night, to McGill’s Skatepark in Carlsbad. I got out of the car, and on the first run I tried to backside air over the spine to hip fracture. I skated anyway. We drove too far.”

Broken wisdom tooth:
“See my slam in the Emerica video for further details.”

Compressed vertebrae:
“I compressed two of my vertebrae from years of impact. Some days feel better than others.”

Cut nose:
“I was doing a wallride. I bailed, stepped on my board, causing it to pop up and hit me in the face. I got the sharp of the tail straight between the eyes, cutting me on the bridge of my nose. You could see the freaking skull! Skulls are cool.”

Left side:

Sprained ankle:
“I’ve done this one at least 20 times.”

Tweaked knee:
“I folded it inside, and then sat on it doing a frontside rock slide. It was the worst pain I’ve ever felt.”

Broken wrist:
“Not sure how it broke. It just started to hurt real bad all of a sudden. I went to the doctor to check it out, he said it was broken and that I needed surgery. I left. Forget surgery!”

Sliced finger:
“I almost sliced it clean off. I ollied on an indoor mini and my hand hit a piece of metal hanging from the roof. I taped it up and everything was fine.”

Punctured palm:
“At the Tampa Pro, like six years ago, I fell straight into a ledge and the coping popped a perfect C-shape into my hand. Greg Carroll and Wade Speyer took me into the bathroom and Wade performed some ghetto surgery on my hand, using duct tape. Thanks, Wade.”

Permanent swellbow:
“After years of abuse, I now have a built-in elbow pad.” SB