Skate Anatomy: Diego Bucchieri

Diego Bucchieri

Left Side

Broken fingers:
“Back home in Argentina, I was going to the beach, I ollied up the same curb that I ollied a thousand times before, but this time I landed in a crack. I put my hands down to break my fall, when I looked at my hand two of my fingers were completely crooked. I showed them to my dad and he said it was nothing to worry about. After getting a cast, I spent the whole summer without even going to the ocean.”

Sprained ankle:
“I sprained it so bad that I thought I broke it, so I went to the doctor to get an X-ray and I ended up spending the whole summer with a white boot on. That was the year after the finger.”

Broken wrist:
“One of the old school skate-rock bands from Argentina, Massacre, played after a skate contest. I got too excited, falling on my wrist and breaking one of the little bones. It still hurts.”


Elbowed face:
“This happened in some beach town in Uruguay. The ramp had one side bigger than the other, so I dropped in—pumping the shit out of the tranny to get to the higher part—when I realized that some local surfer was standing on the flat bottom. He raised his elbow and I took it straight to the face. I flew off the ramp with my face soaked in blood. My nose wasn’t broken, but I spent that summer with two black eyes. Thanks, bro!”

Back slam:
“Dortmund, ’00, I went for the deck-to-deck gap. Right before I ollied, Ryan Johnson showed up, flying in from the other side, making me pull a front flip onto the gap—landing from six feet straight to my back. I thought I was dead. Luckily, I only had neck pain for the next two weeks.”
Head butt: “I was about nine years old, back in Argentina, and I was racing with my mom from the supermarket to my house. I took a short cut and I ended up doing a full front flip into some construction hole in the ground, hitting my head and blacking out for a second. When I woke up, my mom couldn’t believe that I was alive. The pipe in the hole was bent, and I didn’t even get stitches.”

Right Side

Broken wrist:
“I was trying to ollie this double-set in Barcelona and I took the same slam back-to-back. I couldn’t hold my board, I couldn’t move my finger, but I knew I was gonna feel worse if I gave up, so I tried again and made it. The first thing that came to my mind to ease the pain was to drink some beer. Well, I kept drinking all night long to keep the pain away. The next day I woke up with a broken wrist and the worst hangover ever.”

Broken fingers:
“After a good skate day at Plaza Alemania, I thought it would be funny to early-grab the five stairs on the way out. What I didn’t see was a little rock sitting on top of the stairs. Instead of an early grab, I ended up pulling a scorpion to my chest—landing with my hand on the last stair and breaking three of my fingers.”

Calcium on my knee:
“Right after I landed the kickflip back tail at Hubba Hideout I felt so good that Lance Dawes took me to this double-set that he wanted me to try for a while. Happy about life, I tried it without even thinking about it. I bailed it twice. My knee was so swollen that I couldn’t skate for a month. Now I have a calcium deposit on my knee just from those two slams. That’s what I get for feeling good.” SB