Skate Anatomy: Dustin Dollin

Dustin Dollin

Left Side

P.D. carved in arm:
“I should have gotten stitches because I cut it way too deep. It’s pretty big and it’s upside down. I went through it a couple too many times because I was drunk. It was so deep that it didn’t bleed. I think everyone did it that night. Greco and Ali and the rest all used the same razor.”


Dog bite:
“I was rolling around on my first little banana board, lying on my stomach, and the neighbor’s dog ran out and bit me on my back. From then on, every time I went by their house I’d drop that dog.”

Two-day hangover:
“I took an Ecstasy pill for the first time and drank two bottles of Jack Daniel’s the same night. I was throwing up all day, shaking and sweating for two days.”

Bad haircuts:
“My brother shaved the nuclear power, like radioactive, sign in my head when I was 14. I went to school with it but everybody thought it was the Iron Maiden symbol. I had two different mohawks. I had my fringe shaved off. I had the endless lines, like lines shaved around the sides.”

Bruised heels:
“I used to get bruised heels all the time from jumping down shit. Now that I got my shoe on Vans I don’t get them anymore. I got air bubbles in there now. I just stole Reynolds’s heel. He doesn’t mind.”

Tragic gear:
“I just had terrible gear when I was a kid. Like homemade pants, half shorts—I’d make my own little get-ups. I wore this nightgown-robe to school a couple times. I went to a public school and the kids were pretty messed up. Kids would be drinking mushroom juice in math class and shit.”

Punctured thigh:
“When I was 11, I tried to jump this huge dirt gap on my BMX bike. I landed it but the impact was too much for the bike. The pole below the seat came through seat and stabbed me in the upper leg. Three inches farther over and it would have caught my balls.”

Right Side

Fractured wrist:
“I was skating around this park at a contest and tried a kickflip-to-fakie on one of the banks. I just landed wrong and put out my wrist. I got a cast. It wasn’t that bad really—just a fracture.”

Slashed leg:
“Mic-E Reyes was drunk on his birthday and he cut me on my leg. He was joking around and cut me. I still have a scar. I love Mic-E anyways.”

Cat bite:
“When I was a kid, one of my cats bit my hand and it blew up like a balloon. I had to take eight antibiotics a day. I think she was in heat or something. After it bit me, I think I put it in the washing machine.”

Infected forearm:
“I got this graze up in San Francisco, back when I was on Stereo. It swelled up real big. Mic-E Reyes told me he was going to disinfect it. He cut out the scab and poured in some antiseptic. That’s what I always do now with infec-tions. I cut open my hip one time too.”

Four stitches in finger:
“I was opening a dog-food can with a fork when I was drunk and my hand slipped. It slashed my finger.” SB