Skate Anatomy: Erik Ellington

Erik Ellington

Left Side

Busted knuckles:
“Multiple broken knuckles. Playing dice back in the Warner days, I would get so pissed losing money that I would punch the table. Alcohol and gambling are not for me.”

Fractured foot:
“In ’00 I fractured some little bone in my foot, I guess it was pretty serious. No cast, just crutches for like a month and couldn’t skate for almost three.”


Head knock:
“I tried to boardslide this triple-kink rail in Thrill of it All. I don’t know what the f–k I was thinking, because at the end it had this ‘L’ bar making it impossible to come off. I stuck and flew straight onto my head. I thought I broke my neck. I was pretty disoriented after that happened.”

Broken rib:
“I thought I would just roll up and grind the flat of this lame kink rail. I went to Smith, stuck, and slammed on my rib on the point of the last kink, breaking my rib. It was right around then that I figured out that I don’t know how to skate kinked rails.”

Fist fights:
“I guess getting beat up counts, too. A couple broken noses and black eyes. Me and Matt Mumford got our asses kicked at this taco shop in San Diego by a couple surfer bros. We were too drunk to fight anyway, most of the time we win.”

Split chin:
“Went out with Shane Heyl to skate the steep rail at the Belmont Pier in Long Beach, around ’98. We met up with Rick Kosick because it was for my ‘Goddam Am’ thing. I tried to frontside boardslide and landed sideways, slipped out, and went straight to my face. Shane and Rick thought I knocked all my teeth out. I got away with splitting my chin in three places. Went back and did it a couple weeks after.”

Knocked out:
“Around ’93 I think, me and a couple of friends went to Tucson [Arizona] to skate the city and this indoor skatepark. I tried to frontside grind a little Hubba going down the pyramid, and I stuck and flew straight to my head. I was only blacked-out for a couple seconds, but after that I guess I skated down the street. And when I realized what was going on, I was a couple blocks from the park sitting in someone’s front yard with no clue where I was. For some reason, my left arm went numb too—which was scary.”

Right Side

Broken knuckles:
“More knuckles…same story as above, just different hand.”

Broken toe:
“Broke my right toe clean in half two years ago, running in my apartment. That felt good.”

Torn ligaments:
“On the first Zero tour in El Paso I tried to kickflip a pyramid to flat and landed primo. I must have stretched some ligaments pretty bad, because I couldn’t skate for about two and a half months. It was at the very beginning of the tour, too.”

Athlete’s foot:
“On that same tour, I had a severe case of athlete’s foot that ate away my right toenail. I went to the clinic it was so bad. With the ankle and the athlete’s foot, my right foot looked like it was 200 years old.” SB