Skate Anatomy: Forrest Kirby

Forrest Kirby

Left Side

Broken Fingers:
I was trying a 50-50 transfer into a bank from a mini-ramp. My wheel caught at the edge or something. I Supermanned off my board and landed on my fingers. I jammed all but my thumb into my hand. I looked at my hand and all my fingers were like an inch long. I had surgery and pins put in my fingers. Now my index finger is shorter than it’s supposed to be because I broke its growth plate. Handyman.

Broken Foot:
While half-cabbing a box on flat, I somehow steamrolled my foot. I chipped my bone and fractured the edge of the middle of my foot. Hard shoes suck.

Broken Ribs:
Cracking a boneless in the shallow end of a pool, my foot slipped off the copping and I landed straight on my ribs, breaking two of them. How much for one rib? Got change for a hundred?


Stomach Pump:
I drank bleach when I was like 4 or 5. I had
bleach breath.

Bruised Taint:
I was 14 or 15 when I tried to bomb drop boardslide a eight-stair mellow rail. I made it once, but on the next try missed my board. I landed straight to taint, flipped forward, hit my head on the rail and ended up all pretzeled at the bottom of the stairs. My friends were horrified. They put me in the car and drove me home. Frankie Hill made that shit look so easy.

Lower Back:
Countless bails to back slides, leaving weird-looking scars all along the small of my back.

Chin and Tongue Piercing:
While trying to learn Koston grinds on a bench, I landed with one foot on the tail, popping my board right up into my chin. It hit my chin so hard that my teeth cut a hole through my tongue. Blood gushed all over the place. My chin needed stitches, and my tongue just healed up.

One Foot to Pogo:
I was doing an ollie one foot off a launch ramp, and my board went rocket. Let’s just say it hurt really bad.

Broken Heart:
When the Rhythm and Planet Earth days came to
an end.

Right Side

Smashed Pinky:
Learning ho hos on my homey’s Variflex. Ho ho gone bad. The board fell off my feet and dive-bombed my finger.

Broken Forearm:
During my first photo shoot with Miami’s own Ian O’Connor, I tried to backside 180 nosegrind a random hubba ledge. I landed it but decided to try it to 180 out on the next try. I missed the ledge, and my feet and body ended up parallel to the ground, like 6 feet in the air. All I could do was put my arm out to break the fall. I ended up face down looking at my arm. I received a plate with six screws in my arm. The photo was used for my last Planet Earth skateboards ad, and it was Earth’s last ad as a board company ever. Thanks, Ian.

Broken Fibula:
This was my most recent injury. I was skating a school near my house in Miami with some of the DVS team, trying to get some last-minute footage for my 411 profile. I tried a line for a long time and finally got to the last trick: backside 180 nosegrind 180 out in the middle of the ledge. I spun out all weird and caught my foot on top of the ledge with all my weight distributed to my ankle. I landed on my butt facing the ledge looking at my feet. My right ankle was backward. My instant reaction was to put it back in place. I twisted it until it was straight and tried standing. It still felt crazy, so everyone helped me to the car and got me home. Eric Bork carried me through my house to get my insurance stuff, and the homies kicked it with me at the hospital. I ended up with a plate and five screws in my leg and was off my board for almost eight months. I’m skating now, though, and it’s almost back to normal. Paulo Diaz is
a lifesaver.

Cracked Dome:
I was trying to get some photos in my hometown, San Antonio, with Ian O’Connor. It was Friday the 13th, and we went to skate a church at like 11 at night. The church has a ledge off stairs that is at a slight incline. I tried to switch crook it, looped out, bashed my temple on the ledge, and fell 5 feet onto my previously broken arm. I was knocked out for at least two minutes. I went to the hospital as my head proceeded to swell to Goonie-like proportions. I had a major concussion and had re-fractured my arm. It was my worst injury, and the next morning I was in so much pain. I’d probably be really messed up if it weren’t for Ian. Thanks, dog.