Skate Anatomy: Frank Gerwer

Frank Gerwer

Left side

Crushed foot:
“I was riding down the street on my bike, and this dude made a turn and ran right into me. My left foot got crushed between the crank and the bumper of his car. It just crushed my foot sideways, and bruised the top of it. The guy tried to tell the cops it was a shakedown. I tried to get the guy to give me 200 bucks, but he only gave me 50. The guy hit me, and bent the crank on my bike. Bastard. That took me out for two weeks.”

Singed head:
“It was Christmas time and I was filling up these butane candles with my dad. I couldn’t get one to light, so I struck a match. I guess all the butane had filled up in the sink, because there was a huge flame that singed my hair and burnt my left hand. My dad felt bad because he almost burnt his kid up.”


Scraped back:
“I tried to make beef jerky on my back one night. I was bombing a hill and looped out and had huge patches of scab. You know how it weeps and stuff? Like constantly sticking to your bed? That was great.”

Smashed fingers:
“I took off four fingernails on the left hand and three on the right. I was running back from Safeway with a six-pack of Corona and I tripped on a crack in the sidewalk. I couldn’t get my hands out quick enough, so I basically dove face first onto the ground with my hands on my chest, and then scorpioned. I took off half my eyebrow as well. My hands got super bruised from slamming on them, and then the nails turned purple and fell off. It looked really wacky because I had bright purple nails.”

Knocked out:
“One night I jumped the fence at a skatepark and was just standing at the top of the mini-ramp. It must have been Thompson water sealed or something, because I went to jump down in the tranny to get off, and both my feet just looped straight out. I hit my head on the tranny and saw stars. You know when they go into light speed in Star Wars? That’s what the stars looked like. I was knocked out for a couple minutes. That was the first time I really whacked my head.”

Knocked out, again:
“I was walking home from the bar and tripped on the curb. I hit my head on this brick column. I woke up on the sidewalk, next to the bus stop. I slept right behind the bus stop. I could see my house from where I was.”

Broken jaw:
“I was three years old. I was jumping on a bunk bed on the top and I fell off and hit my chin on the table. I snapped my jaw and had it wired shut. My sister was watching me at the time. It was neglect on my sister’s part.”

Light concussion:
“I whacked my head on a double set. I looped out over the rail. Bing!”

Right side

Broken thumb:
“It’s broken, and doesn’t bend at the knuckle. Me and my nephew were running through the house playing tag, and he shut the door behind him. I went to swat it out of the way and just popped it right out. I basically ran full speed and tried to knock my thumb off.”

Tweaked ankle:
“I sat on my ankle on a 10-stair. That was super bad. I was out for six months. I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t even put it in a shoe. It was yellow halfway up my calf. My toes were yellow from the bruising, just big Jimmy Dean sausages. I had an elephant foot.” SB