Skate Anatomy: Kerry Getz

Kerry Getz

Left Side

Sprained ankle:
“I’ve twisted it probably over 30 times.”

Pulled groin:
“At a contest, I bailed a trick and one foot stayed on the board and the other didn’t; it made me do the splits and pulled my groin muscle.”

Bruised heel:
“I’ve been favoring my left ankle ever since I dislocated my right ankle, so I get heel bruises on my left real easily. One time I was trying to backside 180 a 15-stair rail in London. It was inside the airport, which was pretty stupid in the first place. I bailed and went straight to my heel and it was bruised for like five months.”


Shot in the head with an arrow:
“Me and my friends were always making bows in my backyard, out of trees and stuff. Then we went to Kmart and bought some arrows. We were shooting them around my yard. I shot my arrow across the yard, so I ran to go get it and he shot his right at me. I was bending down to pick my arrow up and as I was standing up I just felt something ricochet off my head. I thought a tree branch just smacked me in the head. My friend just ran home. I had to go to the hospital and get 10 stitches. If it had been a second later it would have hit me right in the eye. I had to call the kid and tell him it was all right and that shit happens.”

Icicle to eye:
“I had a shed in my backyard. The door was stuck on the overhang above it, so I was pulling the door back and forth. I looked up to see what it was stuck on, and an icicle fell right on my eye. It was a small icicle and it cut my pupil and the lens of my eye. My vision was blurred out of that eye for six years. I was 11 when it happened and had to wait until I was 17 to get an operation to correct it. For years, I was pretty much skating with one eye.”

“When I was 13, I was trying to jump-slide a three-stair rail with a kink on it. As I was trying to jump onto it my back foot kicked underneath the tail, kicking the board out of the way. So I ended up going straight to the kink on my nuts. It was the worst. I had to lay there for so long before I could even move.”

“I was trying a nollie 180 heelflip on a bank ramp. I messed up and my board was standing straight up and I came right down on it, like a Popsicle. I had to put a Band-Aid down there, it was so bad.”

Right Side

Dislocated finger:
“My middle finger was completely dislocated and crossed over my other finger. I dropped in on an 8-foot quarterpipe and didn’t see this guy at the bottom. I put up my hand to block myself, and the impact popped my finger out of place. Rob Erickson popped it back in for me. It was weird, I didn’t even feel it happen, then I just looked down and my fingers were crossed right from the knuckle. It made a perfect ‘Westside.’”

Dislocated ankle:
“I was trying to frontside 180 a water gap in Florida. It was windy and my board flew right off my feet in the air. I thought it was still there so I landed in a 180 position on the concrete. I dislocated it and chipped it. I had to get a bio-absorbable pin put in to hold the chip in place. I was out for eight months. I had just gotten sponsored by Toy Machine, so my part for the video was pretty short because I couldn’t film.”

Broken leg:
“When I was eight, I was on a three-wheeler and I had a head-on collision with a guy on a motorcycle. I was going around a sharp turn and we swerved right into each other. His bike jumped up on me. I think I was knocked out, ’cause I don’t remember hardly any of it. I had a full leg cast. I was laid up for six weeks.” SB