Skate Anatomy: Kris Markovich

Kris Markovich

Left Side

Broken toe:
“I was doing a demo in Australia and I fell trying to backside smith grind on top of a pyramid. I stuck, and got thrown to the bottom. Somehow, as I fell, I kicked the ground and broke a bone in my big toe. It was the first demo of a month-long Element tour. I had to stay off it for a couple of days. After that I would have two or three beers and skate the demos for like 20 minutes and then it would start hurting too bad.”

Torn ligaments in ankle twice:
“I was just showing somebody a ledge that went across an ice-plant gap. There was always a lot of sand around it. So I just rolled up to it to show someone the angle you had to go through. I ollied and let my board go, to hop up on the ledge and walk across it, but because it was sandy I slipped out and sprained my ankle. I was out for like two months just for trying to show someone the ledge.
“Another time, when I was in Japan, I was trying to ollie over a box to nosegrind on a rail. When I bailed I stepped on my own toe and twisted my ankle.”

Right Side

Broken elbow:
“Trying to nollie over this loading dock with trannies on each side. It was back when you really didn’t pop nollies, you would just Chinese-ollie off the tranny. I did one of those and I didn’t make it across. I tried to run out of it and I just got thrown to my elbow and split it vertically, chipping one of the knobs off. So I got two pins put in there. As a result, I can’t straighten my arm out. I can’t stall the inverts anymore.”

Cut eyebrow:
“For the Whiskey video I broke a bottle over my head. I turned into the bottle and it split my eyebrow. I went to the hospital and I was still drunk and I told them I didn’t know who hit me with a bottle. I didn’t want to say that I hit myself. They didn’t believe me so they had me fill out the same form like three or four times. I ended up getting mad and walking out and waking up in the morning with this huge cut on my eye. It had been over 12 hours so it was too late to get stitches. Now I have this huge scar over my eyebrow.”

Sliced shin:
“I was snowboarding and I hopped over a double jump. I was about to run over this girl so I tried to slow down on my toe edge and I started skipping. My foot pulled out of my bindings and my shin landed primo on the edge of the board. It sliced my shin and I had to get 18 stitches and 17 staples. I could see my bone.”

Broken heel bone:
“I was trying to ollie a double set and my foot landed on the last step. I cracked my heel bone in half. I couldn’t walk for over a week. It didn’t fully recover for like six months. Every time I jumped down anything I would get a heel bruise really easily.”

Broken pinkie:
“I was at a Flogging Molly show and this obnoxious guy, who had almost gotten into like three fights before the show even started, turned and slammed into Susan(Kris’ wife), knocking all these beers out of her hands. Basically he spilt my beer without saying anything to her. So I just grabbed him and pushed him away. The band started playing and for the first three songs he stood with his back to the band, just beaming me. I just kept flipping him off. A little pit started and he kept bumping into my back. I turned around and he swung an elbow at me and missed. I just laid into him and dropped him. I got him in a headlock and hit him in the head, breaking my pinkie finger.”


Broken septum:
“When I first started skating, I did a boneless in front of a grocery store. I landed with my front foot barely on the board, it was on a huge Sims Jeff Phillips board. My foot came off and it sprung the board up into my face and it hit me in the nose. It broke my septum. I was 13 and that was my first bloody wound from skateboarding.”

Stitches in forehead:
“Again in Australia I was ollieing over a hip where the landing was next to a ledge. I got pitched headfirst into it and had to get eight stitches.”

Pogo to nuts:
“I was at Kona, when I was a kid, and I tried to ollie out of a bowl. My front foot came off the board so it was like I was doing a pogo in the air. I landed in the same position. It hurt so bad. I lay in the pro shop all day waiting for my parents to pick me up. I pissed blood a couple of times. I was freaked out and didn’t want to tell my parents. But I was like, “All right, if I piss blood one more time I’m telling them. But the next time I peed it was normal.” SB