Skate Anatomy: Kristian Svitak

Kristian Svitak

Left Side

“I was riding my bike super fast down the street. I had just gotten handle brakes and I didn’t really know how to use them. I ended up slamming down the front brakes and just went flying over the handlebars. I lost the whole left side of my body.”

Knocked side of head:
“It was in the winter and I was in a gas station with my friends trying to do kickflips. There was a pickup parked that had taken off its snowplow, but there was still all these metal braces on the front end. I went to do a kickflip and I landed primo. My body swung around and my head and face hit some of the metal braces. Next thing I know, I’m laying on my back in the middle of the gas station just staring at the sky. I thought I was dreaming or something. I was gone. I laid there for like 10 minutes.”


Smashed front teeth:
“I was up in Hollywood and I lipslid this 13-stair ledge. Then I went to do it again for another camera angle and I went bye-bye. I hate when I’ve already done something and I have to film it again from another angle. I ollied up and just went weird. I didn’t follow through with it right and, what I did was, I put my hand on the ledge to save my manhood. I saved my manhood, but then I just fell forward to my face and I couldn’t get my hands out to save me. I put my front teeth up into my upper lip. The two front teeth got smashed and my upper lip was just hanging down and my chin was split open. I purposely didn’t look in any mirrors. I felt it and I was like, ‘Oh, man. Don’t even look.’”

Banged head:
“This one is in an old Big Brother video. I was trying to do a melon grab out of the bowl and I looped-out and flipped upside down. It was one of those things where you’re flying upside down and you can’t even control what’s going on. I came down on my head from like five feet up. It was really bad. I didn’t get knocked out but the whole right side of my body was super sore.”

Board up the butt:
“When I was in high school I was learning backside 180 heelflips. When I flipped them my board would always go blind behind me, so I couldn’t really see it. Then, finally, one time the board pogo’d me right to the butthole and my tailbone. So hard. It was horrible. For three months, I couldn’t sit or anything. I vowed to never do backside 180 heelflips again, which is funny because that’s one of the tricks I do a lot these days.”

Maced in the face:
“I was at this show and I took on two skinheads at the same time. I saw them hassling people so I stood in front of them. Sure enough I felt some hits in my back. I turned around and grabbed one by the throat and started fighting both of them. Next thing I knew, the bouncers were macing the three of us. It was complete hell. I kept throwing water in my eyes and it made it even worse. You have to let it air-dry.”

Knocked the wind out of myself:
“When I was a kid I was trying to ride no-handed down the street on my bike. I hit a crack and went flying, doing a superman across a neighbor’s front lawn. I knocked the wind out of myself and left a big burn mark on their grass.”

Right Side

Sprained ankle:
“I was 18 years old and it was the first time I ever went out to film. A friend of mine got his grandparents’ video camera and we were going to try and film a whole bunch. We get to the first spot and my friend pulls out the camera. I try to frontside 180 a grass gap and I sprain my ankle. And that was the first time I ever sprained my ankle. I was freaking out because my ankle was the size of a football within 10 seconds. I thought I broke it.”

Smashed knuckle:
“I may have broken my right middle knuckle, but I never went to the doctor. I was trying to skate this handrail and I got pissed off one day so I punched my board. I was like, ‘Ah, shit man.’ I tried to play it off because there were people around. By the time I finished walking back up the stairs my hand was the size of a softball. I was like, ‘This isn’t good.’ I couldn’t even skate anymore because I totally demolished my hand. I duct-taped it up with a Popsicle stick and left it like that for a month or two and it got better.”

Countless hippers:
“My hip’s totally destroyed. I’m gonna need hip replacement when I’m an old man. It pops and hurts all the time. It’s the most torn up part of my body. In high school, me and my friends worshipped Markovich, Laban, and Cory Chrysler. All the big gap guys. We would go out everyday after school, in the middle of winter even, and not even warm up. We would just start going to gaps and start ollieing. We would just get hammered. Me and my friend Ruiz would walk down the hall in school limping from the day before.”

Gash near pelvic bone:
“I was trying to frontside 50-50 this handrail and I slipped off and took the slam to my pelvic bone. It gave me this huge bleeding gash. I couldn’t skate for a month. I have a huge scar from it.” SB