Skate Anatomy: Lance Mountain

Lance Mountain

Left Side:

Shattered thumb:
“My dad dropped a boulder on it while we were building a cement wall around the backyard—so my thumb never grew again. At first, we thought it wasn’t that bad but it shattered the growth plate and it never grew. It just went sideways, so it looks like a toe. I just tell everybody it’s a toe.”

Cracked eye bone:
“I was in my tree house and this kid threw a rock and it hit me in the head and cracked the eye bone above my left eye.”

Split knee:
“Skating doubles on my ramp and I went off the side and my knee hit the ramp and I had to get seven stitches.”

Knocked out:
“I started skating pools and I was real excited about showing my mom. So I took my mom and dad to the pool and jumped out of the car, ran in, and by the time my parents came in I was in the bottom of the pool knocked out. And, to this day, I have no memory of even going there. I was unconscious for five hours in the hospital.”

Broken collar bone:
“I was skating with Allen Losi and Mike Hirsch on my backyard ramp. And it was right when I was going to get a board on Variflex. There were some ams on the team skating with us that I was kind of passing up, as far as getting a board was concerned. I got hung up on a fakie ollie and when I hit the flat bottom I was all, ‘I broke my neck.’ So I got up and my arm just fell down past my knee. While I was walking into my house I heard one of the ams saying, ‘Now maybe we’ll be the next ones to get a board.’”

Broken baby toe:
“Five minutes before a contest in Houston, Texas, I did an air and went off the side of the ramp, again. I fell and landed on my knees while my toe was still on the ramp. I couldn’t take my run.”

Two broken ribs:
“When I went and got X rays for my broken collar bone, the doctor said, ‘When did you break your ribs?’ As I think back, I know what it was on. It was a frontside rock at Oasis, because I fell and I got my elbow in my ribs and I got the wind knocked out of me.”

Torn wrist ligaments:
“I tore all the ligaments in my wrist. Just from falling over and over. “

Broken ankle and torn ankle ligaments:
“Skating a mini ramp—now I have a screw in my ankle. On the same broken ankle injury I tore two ligaments in half. We were all skating the mini ramp and I came up and did a 50-50 to fakie and jumped off, to avoid someone, and just sat on my ankle. And when I went to get up, my foot was just up kind of sideways. It tore two of the ligaments on the inside in half. And then on the outside, there are three ligaments that go into one; I tore it off the bone. I was out for a year. The first contest I went back to was the one that Hensley won but I got the money for.”


Cracked head:
“My sister’s husband picked me up and he was drunk driving. He ran a red light and hit a car. My head busted the windshield and I got knocked out. I got 30 stitches from the front of my head all the way to the back. I also landed on the stick shift so my back was wrecked. The cops woke me up and were yelling at me. They thought I was driving because he was gone.”

Chipped teeth:
“Glen Friedman asked me if I wanted to go see the Toy Dolls and I said, ‘Yeah, Yeah.’ He said, ‘Oh, they’re playing with Suicidal Tendencies and I’ll get you in if you draw a Suicidal Tendencies shirt.’ So he got me in and during the second song I got pushed and my teeth got chipped out—and I stayed for the rest of the show.”

Mentally scarred:
“I flew off the corner of a vert ramp with a crowd right there. I was just flying through the air waving windmills, yelling, and landed on this lady’s head like a piggyback ride. My arms were spinning and spinning and it was like slow motion and it was like, “crunch” and she just crunched to the ground. I didn’t get hurt on this one, just mentally.”

Right Side:

Torn groin muscle:
“I was doing a demo in Canada around ’87 or ’89, in front of 7,000 people and it was just me and a ramp—no one else. On the third ride, I fell and seriously tore my groin muscle all the way up into my stomach. The demo was just over right there. But I was in so much pain that I didn’t even care. I didn’t skate for six months on that one. I think what got me was I ate a whole bowl of broccoli and laid in a hot tub before the demo. That’s what killed me.”SB