Skate Anatomy: Mark Appleyard

Mark Appleyard

Left side

Fractured Arm:
“I tried to drop in on my butt down a playground slide with one of those whoopity-woos at the end. I launched off the end, landed with my left arm underneath me and fractured it. I was with a girl. I didn’t feel too cool. I was 14 or 16 and a girl was laughing at me.”

“I’ve had shinners so hard I’ve wanted to cry.”


“I was skating an indoor park in Ontario, Canada, during the winter, I was trying to switch backside nosegrind on an overly waxed fiberglass ledge. My wheels slipped out and I chinned the hard, cold, Canadian cement.”

Cheese Grated Arms and Hands:
“I was in Hawaii riding a rental scooter. I got excited and started trying to lift up the front and turn the wheel at the same time. Well, the handlebars jammed in a fully cranked x-up, I was thrown over the handlebars to the rough asphalt and cheese grated my arms and hands.”

Stuffed Balls:
“I popsicled my board off one of those stupid ski jumps in Europe. My balls entered my torso. I had to go to the doctor and they jammed
a catheter in my wang. Damn that hurt.”

Body Jar:
“I was pushing as fast as I could to launch out of a bowl. On the last stride I rode over my foot and catapulted myself into the tranny of the bowl. I didn’t get up too fast after that one.”

Right side

Finger Caught in Car Door:
“I was getting a routine drop-off at school from my old man and as I closed the car door, my pointer finger managed to get shut in it. To make matters worse my dad starting driving off without realizing I was attached.”

Busted Eyebrow:
“I was playing baseball with some friends. For some reason I got shafted as the catcher. My friend swung the bat full-force and as it swung back it banged me in the eyebrow. I saw stars and my brow swelled up.”

Cigarette Burn:
“Burned myself with a cigarette. I think I was pretty upset with myself. Sometimes life hurts, man.”

Ripped Palm:
“I was trying to backlip a gap-to-rail, slammed and ripped the skin off the bottom of my palm something fierce.”

Torn Elbow:
“I was leaving a friend’s wedding and Brian Sumner was driving down a windy road. The car flipped and landed on the guardrail in Smith grind position. On the other side of the guardrail it dropped a few hundred feet. My elbow got torn up and I have pieces of asphalt still in there. Ed Templeton butterfly stitched me up later that night.” SB