Skate Anatomy: Mike Maldonado

Mike Maldonado

Left side

Broken hand:
“I was skating Bam’s mini-ramp back in the day, trying backside disaster reverts. I was seeing how fast I could do ’em, and just ended up leaving my board on the platform. My body just twisted. The board didn’t even move. I went straight to the flat bottom on my hand.”

Multiple sprained ankles:
“No specific incidents, just minor sprains to the left anks.”


Thirteen stitches over eye:
“When I was 12, just starting skating, I was messing around ollieing in the street. I ended up hitting a rock and as I was falling forward, I kicked my tail and my board popped up and smashed me in the face. It hit me right on my eyebrow, splitting it open.”

Chin split open multiple times:
“One time I was trying a back lip on the flat bar at the Huntington park. It was kind of dark out, so when I kicked my board out I didn’t see it land right back under my feet. I stepped back on it and my chin just went straight to the ground. I never had to get stitches or anything though.”

Bruised/fractured ribs on both sides:
“I was skating drunk and tried to do an axle stall on a quarterpipe. My back trucks hung up and I fell straight to the flat bottom and broke my ribs. I kept skating, but for a while, any time I fell on that side it would take me out for a couple days. It was hard to breathe and just get up off the bed or the floor.”

Smashed tailbone:
“I was just trying to work my way up some stairs, jump sliding a rail and as I jumped up my board hit the rail and I flew down it. The rail was just small enough so I didn’t sack it. I cleared the whole thing except for my tailbone on the end of the rail, and it was just horrible. I felt like I was gonna shit myself all day long.”

Right side

Severely sprained ankle:
“I was 17 trying to ollie over this flat rail into the street. I was going too slow and came down with my front foot on the curb and rolled it into the street. After that it’s been a bunch of sprains back and forth on that one.”

Broken hand:
“I was ollieing up a loading dock and I was too close to the side. I punched the wooden beam holding it up, and broke my hand. I had to get a cast on that one, and it sucked. I did it the day before finals in ninth grade. Couldn’t really write too good.”

Permanent swellbow:
“I was in Tampa a long time ago, trying to ollie this double-set. I bailed at the last second and blew my elbow out. Between that and falling everywhere at the contest, smashing my elbow, that just set it off for life. Now, pretty much every time I hit my elbow, I get this big sack of fluid.”

Permanently sprained shoulder:
“That one started a long time ago, skating a jump ramp. I don’t even remember what I was trying, but my board shot out from under me and I fell backward, and as I put my arm down to catch myself, my body kept going with my board and stretched my shoulder out. It doesn’t really pop out, but my shoulders are somewhat double-jointed anyway, and the muscles are pretty f–ked. Since then it’s just been painful to do things.”

Severely bruised thigh socket:
“I was at a skatepark, trying to do this ramp-to-ramp transfer. I’d been doing it a while, and I was trying to get real smooth with it so I’d have it real easy, and as I brought my board down, I guess I did it too early, because my truck hung up and it pitched me to the floor. I seriously bruised it, and it took me out for a good month or so.”

Sprained knee:
“I did this two times, once mild and once severe. The first time, I had just gotten to Europe, and we were skating at this spot in Amsterdam, trying to get it in before the first contest. I tried to backside flip up a Euro-gap, and it just went wrong. I guess I tried to flick it too hard and my right leg landed before my left one, and all my weight pushed my knee to hyper extend. It took me out for like three or four months.” “The second time I was filming a line for the friends section in the Bootleg video, I landed wrong and did a split with too much weight on my leg and blew it out completely sideways. Luckily I didn’t tear anything really major, I just sprained everything, but it was probably one of the worst sprains you could get. I couldn’t skate for like six or eight months, and that was just pushing around. I didn’t have to get surgery or anything, just straight physical therapy, but it took a long time to get back on my board. That was my most recent one.” SB