Skate Anatomy: Mike York

Mike York

Left side:

Charley horse:
“I had just gotten on World Industries and we were skating the World park. I was skating the street course and Brian Lotti was there. He does a backside ollie on the quarterpipe, and I’m coming up the quarterpipe, and his knee smacked me in the thigh so hard. It tensed up real quick. I was out for like four days and I was little and hyper and wanted to skate.”

Ripped-off toenail:
“Size 10-1/2 feet in a 9-1/2 shoe.”

Broken wrist:
“Trying to shoot a photo at Bay Blocks, I slipped in some wax and broke my wrist. I had to get surgery, a bone graft from my hip to my wrist, and then a screw put into my wrist.”

“I’ve done my hip so bad that I can’t have underwear or nothing on it. Like I have to just be at the house with it hanging out. Not naked, but I either pull my pants on really high or really low, like sagging. But I couldn’t really have nothing on it, and I can’t go outside ’cause I can’t walk.”

Broken foot:
“When I was five years old, just a little kid dorking around, I climbed on a fence then jumped off it—landing with my right knee on my left foot. I broke my foot, and it still hurts to this day.”

Poked hole in shin:
“I’d been at the Tampa contest for like five minutes when I collided with someone and just kicked my shin into the corner of the grindbox.”


Broken heart:
“When Gonz quit Blind. It was a gnarly time in skating. Things were never really the same after that.”

Six stitches in head:
“The gnarliest head hit was when I got pissed while at a parking lot and broke the wooden gate at the entrance. The gate was up and, ’cause I was stressed, I hit it with my board. The thing broke and fell on my head and gave me six stitches. Everyone laughed at me when I came out of the hospital because I had weird bandages on my head.”

Withered ankles:
“I have the ankles of a 76-year-old lady. I’ve been rolling them since I was 14. They’ve been to hell and back, on a bus.”

Teeth to the head:
“We were playing a game in school called ‘Storks and Cranes,’ and this big girl ran right into me and her teeth stuck in my head.”

Busted lip:
“I was psyched because I’d just learned how to ollie high enough to grind a curb. One time I went to do it and just took my front foot off for some reason and the pressure just popped the board straight into that area between your nose and your lip. I ended up going home with a black lip.”

Right side:

Fell on cheek:
“I was in L.A., staying at John Deago’s house, and we were skating at Lockwood—full-blown session with the 101 team, so many rad dudes there. I did a frontside flip on flat and completely slipped out, fell right on my cheek. I basically got punched in the cheek by myself.”

Broken wrist:
“I broke it on tour with Stereo. At first I thought I sprained it, but then later that day when I tried to brush my teeth I found out I couldn’t even hold a toothbrush. I basically skated around for a week with a broken arm.”

Six bruised ribs:
“I was trying to pioneer nollie 180 switch crooked grinds and I rolled up on the ledge. I whipped my side onto the ledge really hard, which just bruised me up.”

Torn ligaments in knee:
“I got booby-trapped. I was five years old and running through the playground with everyone else, when two people decided to pull a jump rope tight and trip me. I fell right on my knee. I didn’t even know who did it, so I couldn’t tell on anybody.”

Twisted knee:
“I was trying switch crooks on a table, off three stairs. I fell from the top and folded my knee all weird.”

Charley horse:
“I was skating some ramps in my friend’s warehouse, early Plan B days, and me and Mike Carroll went up on the bank at the same time. We were both stubborn, wanting to do our trick. Carroll popped a little earlier than I did, right as I was setting up to do my trick. He came down and hit his knee against my calf. It tensed up so gnarly that I had to be taken to the hospital and put on crutches.” SB