Skate Anatomy: Nilton Neves

Nilton Neves

Left Side

I have this thing where if I hit my elbow, it swells to the size of a baseball. My left elbow is messed up.

My left wrist is just not the same anymore. I skated for 17 years in Brazil and three years over here. It’s just natural that you get f**ked up. Man, if I tell you about any more injuries, I think I’ll start to get depressed.

Whenever I get hurt, it’s someone else’s fault. I was running between two cars on my way to the bank one day, and a guy in one of the cars opened his door. I smashed my kneecap into a little piece of metal on the side of the car. I wasn’t expecting it. I grabbed the door as I was falling and it cut a hole in my hand. While I was falling, I looked inside the car and both guys were smiling. I almost broke my knee just running between two cars. That was crazy. I realized that you’re never safe; you can get hurt in your own house.


: I was skating a miniramp and tried to do a backside 50-50 revert. In my head I was landing it, but I fell from the coping about 6 feet straight to the flat. I hit my head for the first time and was feeling a crazy pain in my chest. I felt the pain for more than four weeks. I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t smile, couldn’t sneeze. After those four weeks, I broke my foot. When I went to the hospital, the doctor told me I’d broken two ribs.

When you break ribs, you don’t even realize it; it’s just a crazy pain. The second time I broke my ribs, I was swimming with my dad in a lake. I was jumping from my father’s back and landed on a tree branch.

When I was young, I always hit my head skating miniramps and bowls.

When someone is skating, no one else can drop in, right? Well, I was skating the bowls at Novato skatepark last year, and this dude dropped in and started skating. He came down from the top of the tranny as I was going up. I tried to hug him, but he put both elbows into me and hit me really hard in my face. My mouth started to get super hot and started to hurt a lot. I checked my teeth with my tongue but there was nothing wrong. I checked my eyebrows and they weren’t cut either. But I looked at the ground and there was blood all over. I yelled at the dude, “What the f**k!? When someone’s skating, you can’t just drop in!” But sound just came out from a hole—air was passing through a hole in my lip! My tooth had cut through it. I had nine stitches on the inside and three on the outside. It was the craziest feeling ever! You know when cartoon characters get shot full of holes then try to drink water and it just leaks out of their body? It was like that.

Right Side

I was skating in a contest and crashed into a giant dude. I kinda twisted my foot and just watched it swell bigger and bigger. I waited for the weekend to pass before doing anything because I was far from Sao Paulo, my hometown. After the weekend, I took the bus home for 14 hours. Once I got to my doctor’s office, he told me I tore all the ligaments in my right foot. I spent four months on crutches. At one point, I didn’t have any armpit hair because I’d spent so much time walking with crutches under my arms.

The first bone I broke in my life was in my right wrist. It was from crashing into a dude, too. We had this ramp where you could transfer, and I was coming behind him. I thought he was going to transfer, but instead he came back to fakie. We crashed and I broke my right wrist.