Skate Anatomy: Ragdoll


Left Side

Broken wrist:
“I’ve broken my wrists so many times now, it doesn’t even hurt. On one occasion, I was in Vegas—with Weiss and the Digital crew—skating this 15-stair hubba and I was getting wrecked. I hit my head at least two times, rolled my ankle, and broke my wrist. Corey Sheppard, Ronnie [Creager], and those dudes helped me duct-tape it back in place. If you can duct it, f–k it. Shred on!”


Chipped teeth:
“My board hates me or it loves me, because it hits me in the face a lot. Or it’s trying to kiss me. Either way, it sucks and it’s chipped two teeth so far. Love hurts!”

Heart attack:
“On my birthday, I was partying in Huntington Beach with Weiss and some friends and I had been drinking too much. So I went to the bathroom to throw up. I was on my hands and knees when my left arm went numb. I tried to push myself up and couldn’t do it. I smashed my face on the toilet and screamed for help. Weiss called an ambulance and I went to the hospital. I was told I suffered a mild heart attack caused by anxiety. But my heart hurts every day when I think about my father and my cousin Scotty Rock—gone, but never forgotten!”

Bad eyes:
“I have very bad eyesight. I’m supposed to wear glasses or contacts but I refuse to do so. I’m too lazy to go see an eye doctor. My eyes are always in squint-mode. I can’t even recognize my own friends most of the time, and when I’m looking for someone in a crowded place everybody thinks I’m giving them a dirty look. I have to explain to them that my vision is bad.”

Brain drain:
“Growing up in Las Vegas can take a toll on a person. I just want to state that the Vegas heat fried my brain.”

Ear ache:
“Every time I turn on the radio, I hear nothing but garbage. These bands are ruining rock ’n’ roll and music in general. I suggest kids go buy albums from these bands: Rolling Stones, The Sons, Ch Ch Ch Ha Ha Ha, The Saints, Johnny Thunders, Velvet Underground, Van Morrison, David Bowie, The Stitches, Hot Snakes, The Hellacopters, Rooney, The Datsuns, The Strokes, The Cure, Mooney Suzukie, Von Bon Dies, Sahara Hot Nights, Muse, Bright Eyes, Next Weekend, Mates of State, Sparta, Hot Hot Heat, and the one and only Frank Sinatra.”

Body pain:
“My whole body hurts every day, all day, in one way or another. But it’s a comfort to feel pain. It makes you realize you’re alive.”

Right Side

Popped-out knee:
“I was in Tampa for the am contest when I was trying out for Zero. I was skating in practice, and I was trying to crook/backlip the bar across the pyramid. I bailed and stepped off wrong. My knee just popped. I don’t know what I did to it, but I have a huge lump on it and it hurts to this day. I re-injured it not too long ago when I jumped the Hollywood 16. But it’s fine. It’s not serious.”

Bruised heel:
“Wearing those slip-ons, man. At Hollywood High, I was grinding the ledge out front and I kept bailing and jumping off my board like an idiot. I kept landing flat-footed, straight to my heels. By the time I finally landed it I took off my shoes and, no joke, my heels were floating around the middle of my feet. The next day, my feet were black. It looked like I walked through charcoal. They were bruised so bad. I’m getting my own pro shoe on Duffs and I’m excited. And, yes, they will be slip-ons!”

Cracked rib:
“I was in Vegas at an indoor skate park where they were premiering the Birdhouse video The End. So me, Vinny Vegas, and Matt Ball were drinking a little and we watched the video. I got so amped after the video that I tried to ollie off the vert ramp into the miniramp. Bad idea. I slammed so hard, and my elbow smashed into the lower part of my rib cage and cracked the shit. It still pops around here and there.” SB