Skate Anatomy: Scott Bourne

Scott Bourne

Left Side

Broken hand:
“A long time ago there used to be a trick called the ‘ho-ho plant.’ It was some silly maneuver that didn’t involve rolling on your wheels. It goes like this…invert your body in a handstand position and walk around on your hands with your board placed on your feet. The board then falls off and the nose comes down directly on your hand that is placed firmly on the concrete. Suffer a broken hand all the way across the top of your knuckles.”

Fractured foot:
“The first time I ever slid a handrail frontside was on some janky rail that me and my friend Ricky Allison made out of an old sawhorse. By the time we were done building, it was so big that we had to hit it with a jump ramp. Backside was no problem. Frontside ended my day of skating when I stepped off early and broke the bone that runs from the pinky toe to the ankle. Just a minor injury, but it put me out for weeks.”

Snapped finger:
“I once went dirt-boarding down a hill on the backside of a water slide we used to skate. About halfway down I hit a pothole and was thrown out into a dusty avalanche. Somewhere on the way down I broke my pinky finger so bad that it was dangling from my hand. Another stupid move.”

Broken ankle:
“Sometime when the flip-trick-to-fakie-on-a-bank craze was dominating the skate scene, I did a heeflip fakie and my back foot barely missed the tail of my board upon landing. My ankle rolled and I rolled backward on top of it. Snap.”

Countless hippers:
“When I think of the injuries I’ve experienced, I can’t even begin to sum them all up, I can’t omit the countless hippers to both sides of my body. These are the kind of injuries that you can’t explain to the doctor, much less your mom. If you’ve ever had one of these you know what I mean.”

Right Side

Broken wrist:
“To tell you the truth, I think I’ve done everything, in terms of injury, to my right side at this point. The first time I broke my right wrist was actually at a fifth-grade safety-patrol picnic when I decided to get fancy and do a flip out of the swings. I over-rotated and landed on my back with my hand down to break my fall. To say the least, it was a clean break.”

Broken wrist…again:
“The first time I broke my wrist while skating was during the gap craze. I flew down a gap, bailed, put my hands out, snap. I didn’t go to the doctor for weeks. When I finally did, he had to re-break it in order to reset it. This really sucked. My right wrist is permanently crooked now, but not quite like Chet’s arm.”

Blown knee:
“The first time that I blew my knee out was when I was ollieing off of the top of a two story parking deck. My friend Alex Protzman and I had broken down the guardrail and had both pulled the ollie. I later pulled my van up and tried to ollie it. When I landed everyone there went silent. It was the first time I ever cried from an injury. The photo later appeared in an article about North Carolina in Transworld. I don’t care to talk about the other two times I blew the same knee.”

Dislocated elbow:
“A few years ago, when I first attempted to grind the top bar at Ft. Miley, my board flipped over the bar and sent me falling blindly backward off the top. I put my right arm down first and tried to turn myself around; it didn’t work. My right hand made contact with the ground first and took my body’s full weight. My elbow buckled under the force and dislocated. When I looked at my arm it looked like an old, rotten banana—all mushy, flimsy and black. This was one of my most painful injuries ever.”

Torn back muscle, concussion, and bruised kidney:
“There used to be a gap ollie at EMB known as ‘The Gonz.’ At the opposite end of that gap was another gap. John Cardiel tried to ollie it long ago and, from what I understand, got wrecked. Years later I tried the same ollie; not a good idea. I made the gap, but my foot placement was wrong and I zipped off the ledge and fell backward about five feet to the ground at full speed. The base of my back on the right side took the initial impact, then I smacked my head on the ground.
“When I opened my eyes there were about 50 people around me. Nikal Thayer took me to the hospital. After I saw the doctor, Anthony Clairaval and Jon Klein snuck me out of the hospital. I had no money and no insurance. I had torn a muscle in my lower back, had a minor concussion and a bruised kidney that left my urine red for three days. After that fall I didn’t walk for almost a week and didn’t skate for three months. The fall was in 411. Later, Jamie Thomas would roll away from that gap.”

Cracked pelvis and ribs:
“About three summers ago on a U.S. tour with the Consolidated crew, I rolled off the platform of a vert ramp into a mini ramp. I somehow hung-up and went straight to the flat. Later, back home, the X ray would show a cracked pelvis and three cracked ribs. I finished the tour in this condition and only went to the doctor later due to knee problems. The doctor would also tell me my knee was done for the third time.”

Dislocated clavicle:
“This past spring, I was grinding a double-set ledge. I hung up on a niche in the ledge that I had tried to saturate with wax. I flew over the center gap between the sets and down six stairs, taking Joe Brook out on the way down. I landed on my back on the right shoulder, bounced off the sidewalk and out into the street, dislocating my clavicle. I think I have truly injured just about everything on my right side at this point.”


“On December 13th of 2000, my heart was finally broken upon my quitting Consolidated skateboards. It reminds me that injuries come in all forms. Live lives, die deaths, no regrets.” SB