Skateboard Concerto Movements Videos

Good friend and contributor to the mag, Seb Carayol, brings us three small edits from his “Skateboard Concerto” project he just put up on Arte Creative’s website. The idea was to have classical piano player Fortunato d’Orio, live while video is played on mute, re-interpret the soundtracks from 18 legendary video parts. It featured anything from Black Flag to A-Ha, from Herbie Hancock to G-Za, from Mc Rad to Iron Maiden. Featured clips for now: AVE in Mind Field (The Adolescents), Marc Johnson in Fully Flared (Q Lazarus) and just a skateboard cruising through the exhibit that the event was part of, to the tune of Guy Mariano’s song in Pretty Sweet. This concept is awesome. Watch all three videos and play some air drums to the songs you know.

To watch all three videos, click here.