Skateboarder April/May 2012 Issue

Kenny Anderson, backside noseblunt
“Walking up to this spot was mind blowing to say the least. Who would build such a thing that was so perfect to skate and so aesthetically pleasing? Whoever designed this piece of infrastructure had to have been involved with skateboarding; how could this happen by chance? This spot was especially hectic due to it being the Chinese National Holiday that brought out the masses to enjoy this gem of architectural genius. It made it interesting to shoot with an occasional kite flyer walking in front of my camera right when I would shoot. I kept hearing Anthony Claravall in the distance saying Ni Hao (Hello in Chinese) on repeat trying to help get clean shots. As we started to get things going I was hoping Kenny would try a certain trick but I kept my mouth shut not to ruin the moment with predisposition. He tried a few things, and then, there it was, he got right into it, a back noseblunt. After a rain storm, almost falling into the hole several times and a lot of getting used to skating in such a hectic environment, Kenny put it down just before the second installment of rain that put an end to skating for the day.”—Jon Coulthard, photo


Austyn Gillette

Stefan Janoski, Chet Childress, Clark Hassler, Nick Boserio, Daniel Shimizu and Youness Amrani

Sebo Walker

Dylan Rieder, Bobby Worrest, Jack Sabback, Kevin Terpening, Steve Forstner and Nestor Judkins


32 And Another Thing
Ishod Wair

34 Viewfinder
Daewon Song

36 Skate Anatomy
Garrett Hill

38 Memory Screened
Clyde Singleton

40 Lost & Found
Scott Kane

42 Face Off
Neen Williams vs Braydon Szafranski

44 In & Out
Cooper Wilt

76 Who’s Hot
Ethan Loy, Kyle Walker, Mason Merlino & Trevor McClung

84 15 Things
You didn’t know about Tony Hawk