Skateboarder Magazine Dec/Jan 2012-13 Issue – Theo’s Euro Snaps

Originally published in our Dec/Jan 2012-13 issue
Words: Jaime Owens
Photos: Jonathan Mehring

“Oh, we call them titties,” Theotis Beasley calmly stated to Ida, the Norwegian Skullcandy marketing girl in the van with us. She was talking about what they called boobies in Norway, and that was Theo’s response. Those kinds of conversations were pretty normal between Theotis and Ida. They had struck up a playful rapport since she was always bugging him about geo-tagging his Instagrams and making sure he hashtagged them properly since Skullcandy spent so much money on a Facebook app that allowed kids to follow the trip live and be able to come and meet up at spots. But all the nagging started taking its toll and was seriously driving the happiest and nicest guy on earth crazy and making us all think that Theotis might, just might, get angry. But he never did because I don’t think it’s in his genes to be mad, so all was well for the trip. This was, after all, Skullcandy’s Theo’s Euro Snap trip, and Theo was the star and ready to handle business in his laid-back manner.

We had been invited to tag along to Barcelona, Copenhagen and Paris as part of their first trip with a newly revamped team. Flying out of LA with Theotis, we were to meet up with Eric Koston and Sean Malto in Barcelona and steal them away from their Pretty Sweet filming mission and take them along for our trip. Unfortunately, Malto hurt his back before we got there and was only able to meet up with the crew once. But Eric was good to go and wasn’t even hampered by having his entire family in Europe with him. He was the true professional, handling business during the day and changing diapers at night. So, yeah, we skated some really cool spots, ate great food, did some clubbing and did some sightseeing. Well, maybe more sightseeing than necessary on a skate trip (That’s aimed at you, Tim!) but it was a seriously fun trip nonetheless. Thanks to all the peeps at Skullcandy for hooking it up, and thanks to Ida for her wonderful Norwegian translations of the female anatomy.

After handling the Copenhagen Pro contest all weekend, we found some time to street skate in between the rain. Eric does a one-foot for an audience of one.

This trip was all about geo-tagging and Instagraming so that kids could follow the tour on Skullcandy’s Facebook, so it’s only fitting to have Koston documenting with his phone in the above pic of Theotis kickflipping in front of the Arc de Triomphe Paris.

We got a private tour of the Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen. It was built in 1887, and they’re about to tear it down within the year, so we got to go down into cellars and skate what was left after it was gutted. After a little manual labor and moving around some random junk, we made this spot for Eric. He jumped on a 5-0 to make the most of this not-spot.

Theotis frontside big heelflips at one of the coolest spots in Copenhagen. Bank to ledges, gaps, stairs—this spot had everything and it was bust-free during a weekday.